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Install a Fire Sprinkler System with the Help of Your Local Boston Plumber

Take Proactive Steps To Protect Your Family From the Dangers of a House Fire Today

Fire Sprinkler System | Boston MA PlumbersKeep your family safe by installing a fire sprinkler system into your home.

Rather than fret and worry about the potential of a fire, why not take proactive steps to protect your family?

You know the importance of storing your documents in an accessible place, forming an escape plan, and knowing how to get everyone out of the home safely. But what about minimizing the damage that a fire can cause to your property? In the event of a fire, your first priority will be to get everyone out of the house safely, then, if the fire is a large one, you will have to stand helplessly and watch as you wait for firefighters to arrive. By installing a fire sprinkler system, you can be calmer, knowing that as you wait, the flames are being contained, and the damage is minimized. FEMA has stated that a sprinkler system inside a home can drastically reduce the damage and increases the likelihood of surviving a fire. But what is a fire sprinkler system and what does the installation entail?

What Is A Fire Sprinkler System?

Fire Sprinkler Systems for the home are very similar to those used on a commercial scale, only smaller. These systems are easy to customize to fit the needs of your unique home and needs. Unlike movies, the entire system will not go off right away.The sprinklers are also activated over the fire area only, where the heat of the flames triggers the sprinkler to douse the flames with water. Each head is individually activated so that small fires are extinguished quickly without flooding your entire home.

Benefits of Installing A Fire Sprinkler System

By asking our specialists to install a fire sprinkler system in your home, you can be confident that it will save you money by minimizing property damage, and will dramatically increase the chances of surviving a fire. Installing a fire sprinkler system can also decrease your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Many individuals cringe at the thought of installing fire sprinklers because they fear that these are obtrusive and ugly. The truth is that they can be very unobtrusive, and even decorative. Others avoid installing these for fear of a burnt dinner setting of the sprinkler system. This is not how a fire sprinkler system works, though. The sprinkler is not sensitive to smoke, it is sensitive to heat, so it won’t go off like a smoke detector while your cooking.

Common Features of A Fire Sprinkler System

There are two types of sprinkler systems you can choose from. There are stand-alone systems and multi-use systems. Though slightly different, both types of systems have three common features.
  • The Sprinkler Heads
  • Water Supply to the Sprinklers
  • Command SystemThe first feature is individual sprinkler heads. These are designed to detect the heat of flames in order to activate. Often, one sprinkler per room is more than enough to contain a fire’s blaze.
These sprinkler heads are connected to either your home’s existing plumbing (known as a multi-use system) or has its own piping linked to a reservoir of water (a stand-alone system). The network of sprinklers and the pipes that supply water to them can be controlled from a central command system. These systems can trigger an alarm while some will even alert your fire department for you if the system is activated. An extremely helpful feature if you are away for the day.

Maintenance is Just As Important As Installation

After your local Boston plumber has installed your home’s sprinkler system, you will want to maintain in properly. Regular maintenance will ensure that the sprinkler systems is ready to protect your home at any given moment. We can check to ensure that the sprinkler heads are unobstructed, check your drain valves, and provide a thorough inspection of the entire system.


Fire Sprinkler System | Boston MA PlumbersIf you love “do it yourself” projects, there are many websites available that guide you through a home sprinkler system installation process. While the tutorials are easy enough to understand, the practical application of those techniques is much harder. In reality, it takes a skilled and experienced specialist to install your system correctly. It takes knowledge of the entire plumbing system, years of experience, and the proper tools. If you are installing the system into your home’s existing plumbing system, you will need to have a thorough understanding of you plumbing system, water pressure, and how to install pipes through the walls. Mistakes in plumbing and installation can lead to leaks, water damage, and financial losses. You can save yourself both time and frustration by calling your local Plumber’s 911 technician. You’ll also save yourself money by avoiding costly mistakes. The installation of a home fire sprinkler system is affordable. Rather than get a headache trying to guess the price, call us for a detailed estimate. We can answer any questions you may have regarding a fire sprinkler system installation, and how the process would work in your home. We can ensure that you chose the right system and provide the right amount of coverage so that your home is well protected against fire.


We are a large network of top-rated experts in the plumbing industry. Our contractors are carefully chosen so that you can trust the quality of the services provided. Our brand range of contacts ensures that there is always a skilled technician near you. Our technicians are held to the highest standards and are fully licensed and insured experts. We expect each technician to have had a minimum of 10,000 hours of training, and to keep their training up to date through continuing education. If you’re interested in learning more residential fire sprinkler systems, are interested in a cost estimate, or just curious, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will gladly answer and address any concerns you may have about this life saving-system.

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