Remodel Your Beautiful Home With A Local Boston MA Plumber

Plumbers 911 Professionals Can Do It Right the First Time!

With Plumbers 911 it only takes one time to get it right. When you hire one of our technicians you can sit back and relax, our specialists will install and remodel your bathroom, kitchen, and plumbing appliances to perfection.

Our specialists take your remodeling project as seriously as you do and strive to deliver the stunning results you are looking for. But why hire a plumber when you can do it yourself?

Why Hire A Licensed Plumber?

Our local Boston specialists know your plumbing design and codes. You need someone who knows and understands your residential system design and is up to date on the local Boston MA codes. Unless you want to spend several hours educating yourself on local codes, call us to help you with your remodel instead. If you chose to hire a jack-of-all-trades contractor, you might get less than ideal results. This is because a typical bathroom remodel involves more than 50 primary components that need to be matched and installed correctly.
Home Remodeling | Boston PlumberComponents that are not visible have to be installed correctly to avoid costly and annoying problems down the road. Choosing a specialist that has remodeled countless bathrooms and homes gives them years of experience when ti comes to any surprises and challenges that may come up. We Work Quickly and Carefully Within Your Home Skilled at working in finished environments, we take steps to protect your carpet, floors, and avoid making hasty, and costly mistakes. We Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes and Financial Losses If you risk completing the remodel yourself and forget to solder a joint, or don’t notice a leaky PVC line, you can end up with thousands of dollars in water damage repairs to your walls, floors, and belongings. Mistakes are easy to make when plumbing is not your strong suit and area of expertise. Leaks due to improper sink installation can go unnoticed until the damage is too great to remain hidden. Avoid the hassle and financial loss by doing completing your remodel successfully the first time. What Qualifications Do Our Local Boston Technicians Have? We believe that a professional remodel starts with a professional technician. We carefully screen every single one of our contractors to ensure they are talented, passionate about their job and experienced. We require each of our technicians To:
  • Have passed a minimum of 10,000 hours of training
  • Actively pursue continued education
  • Pass both a background check and drug screening
  • Possess Talent and Skill
  • Be Licensed and fully insured
What are Common Remodeling Mistakes We See? Our goal is your satisfaction, and when it comes to your preferences and style decisions, you are the boss. That being said, take a moment to read through the common remodeling mistakes we see and how they can be avoided for a professional and beautiful result. Mismatched Fixtures, Hardware, Finishes Bathroom remodeling | Boston MA PlumbersA remodel is intended to add beauty and value to your home. One of the most common remodeling mistakes individuals make is to choose mismatched hardware and fixtures. Choose fixtures and hardware with matching finishes. This is easier to do when you buy all your fixtures at the same place, as different suppliers may have slightly different shades of the same finish. When remodeling you want a unified and seamless look. For this, you will want your towel bar, towel ring, toilet paper holder, shower heads, shower trim, spout, and knobs to match each other. The finish on your sink, toilet, and shower/tub should also match. Having one of these items white, while another is biscuit colored will create a dissonance. Compare samples of all the materials you are planning to buy before hand. Buying Based On Price Alone Home Remodeling | Boston Plumbing ServiceWe understand finding the best deal possible. When it comes to your remodel, however, cheap-est is not the best solution. Cheaper parts may not last long and can lead to more repairs and re-placements down the road. Why not invest in quality material now to avoid costly problems down the road? A cheap faucet’s finish will most likely start to wear off and may constantly leak. Don’t skimp when it comes to the under layment. This is the material that prevents moisture from going through the floor. The diverter valve is also something you should give careful thought to. The diverter valve is installed in your shower and helps control the flow and temperature of your water. A cheap one may cause a leak behind the wall, forcing you to tear out the wall to repair it. Our plumbers give careful attention to every detail of your remodel. When know when to use sealant and the difference between caulk and silicone. We guarantee all of our parts and do not use substandard hardware. Plumbing is a Specialty, Our Specialty These are just a few of the problems we see. Plumbing is a specialty, and your local Boston MA plumber can help you avoid the most costly problems imaginable. Your bathroom has way more components than just the toilet, sink, and tub. Plumbers 911 contractors know how to install each one, ensure your plumbing system will sup-port your upgrades, and test to ensure everything works smoothly and properly. On your own you would be left with a mess to clean up, with our plumbers, you can walk into a clean remodel bathroom, confident that everything was done to the highest standard possible. Call Us Today We provide you with accurate quotes and competitive rates. Feel free to contact us today to ask how we can help you with your remodel. We will gladly answer any questions you may have, or even put you in touch with one of or previous clients if you wish to hear a first person recommendation about our work. Plumbers 911 offers you experience, professionalism, and competitive rates. With these three factors, your customer satisfaction is guaranteed. With our help, you will have a bath-room/kitchen remodel you are proud to show off.

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