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Have Plumbers 911 Experts Install Your Sub-metering System to Save Money and Resources

water sub-metering | Boston MA  PlumbersAs a landlord, you’re probably tired of hearing complaints from your tenants. “My rent’s too high.” “The upstairs neighbor is too loud.” “Why am I paying the same for water when my neighbor uses twice as much?” We can’t help you with all of those, but we do have a suggestion for fixing the last one. It used to be that most buildings, even multi-family rental properties had just one meter for each utility: water, electricity, and gas. Everyone pretty much expected that the utility bill would just be evenly divided among each tenant. That was fair enough in the old days when saving water and energy wasn’t such a priority. However, now people are more concerned with saving resources, including water. Now that people are trying to cut down on their water use, it makes sense to reward them for their efforts. That’s where water sub-metering comes in.

How Does a Sub-meter Works

Utility sub-metering systems measure the exact amount of water, electricity, and gas that are used by each unit in a multi-dwelling property such as a duplex or apartment complex. A small metering device is attached to the feed lines for each utility. The installation is quick, usually less than an hour per rental unit. All of the sub-meters are then linked to a wireless network which can be accessed remotely. No more trips out to the main meter.

Advantages of Water Sub-Metering

As mentioned before, the primary advantage of water sub-metering is that tenants regain control of and responsibility for their own utility bills. This means that tenants who already conserve water get immediately rewarded for their efforts, and tenants who waste water will suddenly get an incentive to save water. In addition, the system is inherently fair and takes the blame off of you. water submetering service | Boston MA PlumbersWater sub-metering also helps you streamline the billing process. Since the system can be accessed remotely, all you have to do is look up each tenant’s usage for the month, then apply the cost to their bill. It’s as simple as that. In addition, it gives you an additional source of data on your property. For instance, if water usage in a particular unit increases suddenly, but the tenant’s water usage habits didn’t change, that might indicate a leak somewhere in that unit. You wouldn’t have been able to find that using an old single meter system. Plumbers 911 also offers leak detection and repair services. The bottom line is that water and gas sub-metering will save you money on your bottom line. Your rental units will be more attractive to new residents because the phrase “plus utilities” will make your actual rental price look much more competitive since utilities will no longer have to be factored in. With the housing market growing more competitive every year, you can use every edge that you can get.

Choosing the Right Boston Plumber to Install Your Sub-Metering System

Now that you’ve decided to install a water sub-metering system for your rental property, you need to find a great plumber to do the work. We at Plumbers 911 would love to help you with that. We are a nationwide referral network with a local focus. We are committed to connecting you with the very best independently-owned and operated local Boston plumbing contractors. Because Boston is known for being a working-class town, you’ll be glad to know that we only work with union-friendly businesses. Besides being better for the local economy providing well-paying jobs, it ensures that you’ll get the best possible service at a reasonable price. All of our technicians are highly trained, well-equipped, and reliable. As fully licensed and insured professionals, they have all completed over a hundred thousand hours of training to earn their licenses. In addition, before being hired, they undergo an extensive background check and submit to periodic drug testing. Besides helping you save time and money with a sub-metering system, there are a lot of other things we can do to protect your investment and improve your bottom line. Rapid Emergency Service: When your pipes break or the sewer line backs up, you can’t wait to get it fixed. Any delays can cause additional damage to your property. That’s why our local technicians will get there as quickly as possible to reduce the impact of the problem and reduce your liability. Leak Detection: In addition to repairing immediate problems, we can also help you find and fix the sources of future problems. Experts estimate that up to 14% of all water usage is lost in the form of leaks and dripping fixtures. Besides the immediate loss of money to utility bills, if that water isn’t draining properly, it can cause serious water damage over the life of your property. Mainline Sewer Inspection: Likewise, if you have any concerns about the reliability and condition of your sewer line, we can actually give you a look inside with a mainline video inspection. Our technician will actually send a camera down the pipe and show you all the potential problems your sewer may be hiding. After that, we have the equipment and training to fix it quickly and affordably. Remodeling and New Construction: We at Plumbers 911 don’t just fix pipes when they break. We also offer a wide variety of plumbing installation services for construction projects. Whether it’s installing the water mains and sewer lines for an entire subdivision or backflow prevention devices for a new apartment complex, we can handle even the largest jobs. We also excel at the finer details, even if it’s just upgrading the sink and shower for a single unit remodel. Commercial Plumbing: We also have extensive experience with commercial properties. Whatever the business, the doors need to stay open and the production lines need to keep running. We have the skills to do the job right. We can provide installation and repair services for any kind of commercial enterprise, from offices and salons to institutional kitchens and restaurants. So, given all that we can do for you, don’t hesitate to call Plumbers 911 for all of your plumbing needs.]]>

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