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Faucet Repair | Washington DC PlumbersWhen a hired professional enters your home, you expect them to be courteous and knowledgeable in their field of work. This is always a guarantee with Plumbers 911. Locally owned and operated for years, we have been providing the Washington, DC area with fast, efficient, repair services that are incomparable. We offer exceptional services with a 100% backed guarantee that no matter what the job is, we can complete the task to meet your expectations. Even when it comes to a faucet replacement or a rubber ring replacement to help prevent or stop leaks, we know our job. With free quotes, consultations, and quick reliable service, you can rest assured that you’re contacting the right company.

Covering All Of The Basis With Home Faucets From Your Dependable Washington, DC Plumber

All of the faucets in your home are very important. They deliver water, whether it be hot or cold, to do daily activities and clean with. When one or more of your faucets are not working properly, it could lead to several other issues such as having to turn off the water at the main valve and wait for repairs. There are several places in your home that require the use of a faucet: Tub Faucet: used for several things, including bathing, tub faucets can start to leak over time. This leak can become an annoying drip. Our techs can help you with a new faucet that is less likely to leak over time and in the event that it does, we’ll come back out and fix it. Kitchen Sink: One of the dirtiest places in your house is probably your kitchen sink. It is used to wash dishes and hands, along with other things such as washing vegetables and other foods for the preparation of a meal. Being the most used faucet in the home, it can definitely show signs of it by leaking or by the buildup of minerals on the inside of the faucet itself. We can install a new kitchen sink faucet for you that is sure to last you for many years. Bathroom Faucet: When dinner is on the table and about to be served or you have guests who come over and use your bathroom, chances are everyone is going to use the faucet at some point to wash their hands. It can be frustrating when this faucet starts to drip, but with a phone call, we can service your faucet and have it drip-free in no time. Leaky Faucet | Washington DC PlumbersShower Faucets: Unlike other faucets throughout the home, shower faucets are more complex. However, to install a shower faucet of any type or style is fairly easy to do. It can be done by a knowledgeable person in the home or you can give us a call and we can get the job done for you. Laundry Faucets: Many people have no idea what a laundry faucet is but some laundry rooms are equipped with two sinks and a faucet to help with those hard to clean shirts that need an extra scrubbing. If you’re looking to replace your laundry faucet or have a laundry sink installed, we are the right company for the job and are standing by to assist you with your plumbing needs. Outdoor faucets: There are several issues that can come from having an outside faucet. The weather will affect its use over time. It can also freeze during the colder months, causing the whole outside faucet and pipeline to have to be replaced. Instead of doing this, check out the new Frost Free faucets and have one of our technicians install it for you so that you never have to worry about another cold winter freezing your faucet or pipes.

Common Reasons Why Faucet Repair Services Are Needed

Many common problems that result in faucet repair being needed can be avoided with the proper know how and care. However, some of the problems cannot be fixed by yourself or at the hands of a handy man. This is when a professional plumber such as Plumbers 911, should be called in to handle the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Leaks
  • Bad Installation
  • Rust
  • Water Pressure Loss
There are four major problems that can occur from faucets being installed or having wear and tear over time. Leaks: Everyone knows what a leak looks like, sounds like, and even feels like when you’re trying to get some much needed rest. A leak can be seen at the base of the faucet or out of the faucet spout itself. The faucet may have started leaking because of a bad O-ring or the faucet base is cracked or busted. In any event, calling Plumbers 911 can quickly eliminate the leak and leave your home feeling brand new and quiet. Bad Installation: Yes, it is possible to have a bad faucet installation, especially in the era of the Do-it-yourself craze. Even others who say that they are experienced can perform a bad installation. When this happens, let us come in and fix it for you. In many cases, we can use the faucet that is already there, unless it has been damaged by the previous installation attempt. Rust: Rust does not taste too great and cooking with it must be even worse. Over time, rust can build up inside of your spout and faucet. When the outside starts to show signs that there is rust, chances are there is already rust that is on the inside. Although there are ways to clean out the rust, if it is not that bad, it is cheaper and easier to just purchase a new faucet. Water Pressure Loss: When minerals tend to build up inside of your faucet, it can cause the water pressure to drop. This tends to only allow a certain, slow, amount of water to flow. The professionals at Plumbers 911 can easily clean out the mineral deposits that are found inside the faucet and have your water pressure back to normal in no time.

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Backed with years of experience and commitment to our community, Plumbers 911 is a five star review rated company that puts their customers’ needs first. We offer the best available pricing for all of your plumbing repairs and installations in Washington, DC. We can stop leaks and even spot old or faulty faucets before they begin to produce major problems. If you or a loved one is in need of faucet repair, or any other type of plumbing repair or installation, give us a call today!

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