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For many centuries, plumbing has been throughout the world in one form or fashion for a few millennia. Made from all different kinds of materials from clay and straw to the technologically advanced pipes we know today. Although it has changed markedly, the basics of how our pipes bring and take water from our home have remained the same. Ensuring that these systems continue to work correctly has been the job of the plumber; and one that is well trained and licensed is great to find and have in your arsenal of people to call when things go wrong in your home. Our experts at Plumbers 911 are those specialists you want in your corner when you require service, maintenance or repairs to your pipes, fixtures, and more.

We Are Water Heater Repair Experts in Fort Lauderdale FL

Among our many specialties that our technicians have water heater repair is one of them. You never want to turn on your water for a shower, bath or to wash dishes and no hot water pumps out. It is frustrating and none of us wants to take a cold shower, even on a hot day frigid water just doesn’t feel that good. That is when calling your local Broward County plumber is the way to go, never try to repair your own water heater, as they are very complicated machines, and our techs are well-trained to handle all aspects of them. fort lauderdale plumbing servicesWith much usage a water heater may stop working and this is normal, but ensuring that it is repaired effectively is important as you don’t want to call out the same or another specialist to fix the same issue. Consider the age of the unit, what your budget is, as well as what the issue is with the water heater is exactly. Depending on these answers it could be time to replace a unit instead of repairing it. On a heater more than 10 years old then replacement may be the way to go, however if it is less than that talk over your repair options with your technician. To prevent your water heater from possibly needing to be replaced earlier than it should be, ensure that you have it serviced and maintained on a regular basis. This can prevent many costly visits by a technician.

Should You Do It Yourself or Call a Fort Lauderdale Plumbing Professional?

Many things around your home can be repaired easily as a DIY project such as windows off track, unhinged cabinets, and more. However, most systems should only be handled by a professional even if you understand what you are doing. The smallest error can result in a large and costly repair bill that could have been avoided just by picking up the phone. For instance a clogged toilet may have a toy in it but plunging it may push it further down into the trap, this will cause you to have to call a technician and have your toilet taken out to find the actual cause of the clog. Costing more than it could have then, it would for them to come and just snake the toy out. There are some definite plumbing issues that a homeowner shouldn’t attempt themselves these are:
  • Clogged pipes and drains – using chemicals or over the counter drains to unclog your own drain can cause damage to them. If it is a critical situation using these items can make the matter worse. For example a snake may not only NOT clear the pipe it could also damage it in a way that you would require the pipe to be replaced for a large sum of money.
  • Faulty pipes – it is not always easy to find the exact problem until you take apart a pipe, they are tricky and complex and you must be sure where the exact problem is when attempting repair, as they can be tricky to reassemble as well.
  • Slow pipes, low water pressure- this is caused by many things sediment build up in the aerator of a faucet, or a fractured eroded pipe in your system. call a professional to find out the exact problem.
  • Absence or lack of hot water – When there is a problem with the hot water being near to none then it is a problem with the water heater and a specialist should be called. Attempting to fix it yourself could cause water damage and a remodeling job you hadn’t planned for.
  • Broken/cracked Toilets – Sometimes the easiest looking job is more complicated under the surface. A toilet is not the easiest fixture to understand and a clog could be a busted pipe or a toy or some other reason. It is always best to call a professional.
  • Other reasons – Leaky taps, frozen pipes and replacing or re-routing pipe: these all should be handled by a professional to ensure they are done correctly.
Ensure that you do not have any plumbing malfunctions and call Plumbers 911 for any plumbing needs. Our techs are highly trained and certified in all aspects of your water and sewer systems. Thereby we are able to ensure each service, maintenance or repair job that we handle is conducted quickly, efficiently and accurately the first time every time, and with no reason to call us back again for the same issue.

fort lauderdale plumberWhy Call Our Plumbers in Broward County FL for Service, Maintenance or Repairs?

When a service, maintenance or repairs are required calling a professional plumber is key, to ensure that the issue is correctly taken care of. Our technicians go through many hours of training and continuing education so that they may be able to complete any repairs you call about. Each of our specialists and technicians are screened to ensure that they are above not only our expectations but yours as well in regards to background checks, drugs as well as education, and experience and overall skills in the field. Never worry about having an issue at night, on the weekend or even on a holiday, as we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for your convenience.

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