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Emergency Toilet Repair | Fort Lauderdale Plumbing ServiceThroughout the centuries, there have been many words used for the bathroom, common ones include; the loo, powder room, lavatory, outhouse, washroom, bog, garderobe, privy, potty. Regardless of what you call it, you, doubtlessly have one in your home. This handy feature allows you to take care of your business comfortably. Did you know that you will most likely spend a year and a half out of your lifetime using the toilet? Most people do not give a thought to how their toilet works or pay much mind to it unless they are in a frantic search to find a restroom or their suddenly breaks.


Toilet problems can be embarrassing to talk about for many individuals. Have you ever noticed how a clogged bathroom in a public restroom is left behind rather than reported? Many avoid calling us in out of embarrassment, but the truth is we have had years of toilet repair experience. We have seen and fixed it all. The stories we could share could amuse you for days, from toddlers trying to see what happens to their toys to toilet paper clogs. When it comes to toilet repairs there is no need to hesitate, give us a call. For us, no task is too big or small.


Toilet problems can range from the serious to the moderate but are easily fixed with the help of a certified plumber. Common problems include:
    • Leaking Toilet Base
    • Outdated Toilets: Water Wasters
    • Clogged/Obstructed Toilet
    • Weak Flushing Toilet or Self-Flushing
    • Double flusher
    • Leaking Toilet Base
    • Rotted/water damaged flooring underneath the toilet
While there are instances when plumbing repairs can be put off without serious consequences, a leaking toilet base is not one of them. If you find water around the base of your toilet. Not only can this water contaminate the floor but it can also rot the floor underneath. The soggy floor can cause the toilet to rock from side to side, worsening the leak even more. Repair will require you to know how to access the remove the toilet, access the damage, and remove the water-damaged wood. If you sit down and feel your toilet shift under you, it is time to have a plumber tighten and inspect for water damage on the floor. While it may not seem like a serious issue on the surface level, it has its dangers. A loose toilet has increased chances for leaks and odors to escape. Elderly individuals or those with handicaps tend to drop down their weight onto the toilet seat. If the toilet is not stable, it can cause it to tilt leading to an injury. Toilets are made of porcelain and are breakable. If your tank cracks it can lead to severe water damage. What can cause the tank to crack? Over-tightened mounting bolts. An overtightened bolt may not cause the tank to crack right away, but over the course of several years the pressure may increase, leading to a sudden crack and flood.

How To Quickly Stop Your Toilet From Overflowing

Emergency Toilet Repair | Fort Lauderdale Plumbers Speaking of a flood, countless of people have a fear of an overflowing toilet. For some, the fear is so intense that they would rather not use any toilet apart from their own. Knowing how to instantly stop a toilet about to overflow is useful for when you are faced with the overflow monster. Step1: Take off the toilet tank lid and carefully lay it flat on the floor. Standing it up against the wall can cause the lid to fall down and crack. Porcelain toilet lids are breakable and cost around $40+ to replace. Step Two: Reach inside the toilet’s tank to push down on the flapper valve located at the bottom of the tank. Don’t worry about finding gloves, the water inside the tank is clean water. The flapper valve is responsible for letting water out of the tank and into the toilet bowl. The valve lifts up by the chain when you push the handle on your toilet. Once this valve is closed water will stop flowing into the bowl which is causing it to overflow. If you do this quickly enough, you can prevent sewage water from overflowing onto the floor. Step 3: Now stop the tank from refilling by lifting up the float. The float controls the toilet’s float valve. Once lifted, the toilet will stop water from refilling the tank. If the water in the toilet bowl starts to drop slowly, keep holding the float up as high as you can so that water no longer flows into the tank. Step 4: After the toilet bowl water level drops to normal you can release the toilet float. If the toilet is taking too long to return to a normal level, you can close the toilet supply valve that is located near the floor behind the toilet. After successfully stopping your toilet from overflowing you can use a plunger to see if a blocked drain was the culprit. You can also give us a call to investigate the matter for you. We can accurately diagnose backups and clogged drains for you. Determining whether it is a simple clog or a septic system failure is important to avoid future problems. A local problem in one toilet may be a simple clog, but if all of your toilets and drains are backing up or slow, you may have a blocked system drain or flooded septic draining field. Call us right now to resolve these serious problems for you.

Toilet Problems Quickly Resolved with One Phone Call to Plumbers 911

All of the mentioned problems can be handled by your local Fort Lauderdale plumbers. We offer:
        • Fully Licensed, certified and insured professionals
        • Specialists with more than 10,000 hours of advanced training and experience
        • Emergency Service 24/7
        • Clean service vans and background cleared technicians
We are the top plumbers in the area and our customer testimonials can attest to our workmanship and quality. Call us to today to schedule you quick toilet repair.

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