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How to Get Expert Backflow Prevention from Certified Miami Plumbers

Plumbers 911 Could Keep Your Water Supply Safe All the Time

backflow prevention | miami plumbing serviceWhen we turn on a faucet, we expect water to come out of the tap. Pretty simple, right? In order for that to happen, there has to be a certain amount of pressure in the pipe. On occasion, that pressure can fall or reverse, causing water from storage tanks or other places to flow back into the water supply, contaminating potable water. For reference purposes, potable water is the water that is safe to drink, what most people think of as the “water supply.” There’s also greywater, which has flown through a sink or dishwater, which can be safely used for other purposes, such as watering a lawn, washing a car, or hosing down a driveway. Finally, there’s the water that is actually considered sewage water, which you pretty much don’t want to use for anything. At any rate, it’s important to protect the potable water supply by installing backflow prevention devices wherever there’s a danger that greywater can seep back in due to reduced pressure. The places where this can occur are called cross connections. There are a number of places where cross connection can be found. Dishwashers and washing machines are typical cross connections, as is the connection between fire hydrants and fire sprinkler systems to a water main.

Ways to Prevent Backflow

There are a number of ways to prevent backflow:
  • Air gap – traps air in an upward bend of a water line. The air gap prevents water from flowing back in the line.
  • Backflow preventer valve – necessary for some applications
  • Backwater valve – used to prevent sewage from backing up into a building’s basement. Local building codes and regulations will typically specify which units to use, and where they should be located.

Why Hire a Licensed Technician for Backflow Preventer Installation

backflow prevention service | Miami FL plumberOnce you’ve determined that you need a backflow prevention system, who should you get to install it? We suggest you call us at Plumbers 911 for the best job at a reasonable price. We’re a national referral service which connects locally owned and operated plumbing contracting firms with their neighbors for Miami plumbing repairs and services. It’s not Plumbers 911’s name on the truck, it’s the contractor’s name, and reputation, that’s on the line. We also take steps to make sure that you get the best possible service and repairs possible. All of our technicians are fully insured and licensed. In order to receive their licenses, our techs complete over 100,000 hours of training, and regularly attend follow-up classes on additional skills and equipment, all to make sure that they are the best at what they do. We even require comprehensive background checks and periodic drug screening to make sure that your safety and comfort are ensured.

Other Services of Plumbers 911 Technicians

Commercial Plumbing: Because our contractors run their own businesses, they know how important it is to minimize the disruption of a plumbing emergency. Every minute that keeps you from doing business means lost profits. So you need to get the job done immediately, thoroughly, and affordably. That’s the core of our business. Add that to the fact that we can do installation and repair on water, gas, and drainage systems for industrial applications, and we can be an important member of your support team. Residential Emergency Repair: When you have a plumbing emergency repair in Miami, you need someone at your home right away. You need that person to be competent, considerate, and timely. We at Plumbers 911 know that, and make it our first priority on emergency service call. We are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. New Construction: We are also fully equipped to handle both residential and commercial construction. We can handle the installation of a complete plumbing system from the water main to the sewer line, and everything in between. We will handle the smallest detail to make sure that you have the home, office, or manufacturing facility of your dreams. Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: If we can handle building an entire house, we can definitely handle remodeling a room or two, even a whole wing. Put our expertise to use as you select water-efficient appliances and fixtures that look good while they save you money. While you’re picking out new cabinets, let us update the pipes behind the cabinets to protect the investment that you’re making to increase your home’s value and comfort. Mainline Video Inspection: If you’re purchasing a home, make sure that you inspect more than just the roof and foundation. Our technicians can actually give you a look inside the sewer line with a mainline video system. We send a small camera through the sewer which sends video straight to the operator in real time. Our technician can then identify potential problems, whether it’s structural damage, blockage, or tree roots actually digging their way into your line. Septic System Inspection and Repair: A well-maintained septic system can actually be a very environmentally friendly solution to waste disposal, since it treats waste water on the spot and puts it right back into the ecosystem. However, it does have a number of places where problems can occur, and many of those problems can lead to sewage backing up straight into your home. Let us take a look at your septic system and make any needed repairs so that you can put your mind at ease.

Plumbers 911, Your Best Choice in Plumbing. Call Now!

Given the large number of services that we can provide, Plumbers 911 is your best bet for Miami plumbing repair. We have the equipment and training for every job, large or small. Our locally-owned contractors are committed to excellent customer service because they want your repeat business. Given the potentially high cost of a plumbing emergency in property damage and cleanup, make sure that you call us before one occurs, so that we can help prevent it. You’ll be glad that you did.  

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