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Finding the Best Miami Plumber to Fix Your Burst Pipes

Plumbers 911 Helps You Prevent Flooding by Emergency Burst Pipes Service

Burst Pipes | South FL PlumbingThere are some things that you don’t want to hear in the middle of the night. A crying baby, loud snoring, and police sirens are all unwelcome sounds when you are trying to sleep. However, one of the absolute worst things to hear is the sound of the pipes in your home bursting. The loud bang! followed by the sound of rushing water means expensive plumbing repairs, ruined possessions, and possible mold and structural damage. At a time like that, you need a partner you can trust. Preferably a local Miami plumber who can get there quickly and do the repairs in a reasonable time for a reasonable price. Basically, you need someone who can help your life get back to normal.

Why Choose a Certified Miami Plumber

That’s where Plumbers 911 comes in. We’re a nationwide referral network which connects people to locally-owned and operated plumbing contractors. We are based in the Miami area, which is where we were founded, so we know the specific needs of the community. From local building codes to construction methods, we are experts in Miami plumbing. Because our partners are local, we’re able to get to your location rapidly, day or night. We offer around the clock emergency service. This means that we can prevent the damage from spreading to other areas of your home, limiting the damage. If you’re a business owner, it means that you can keep up your sales and production by reopening your doors or restarting your production lines as quickly as possible.
Burst Pipes | Miami Florida PlumbersGetting there quickly isn’t your only concern, however. You want to know that the technician that comes to your door is competent and reliable. With Plumbers 911, you can be assured that you’re getting the best plumbing repair in Miami. That’s because we only hire union technicians who have completed at least a hundred thousand hours of apprenticeship and training. To ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible, all of our service providers undergo complete background checks before working, and follow-up drug testing afterward. Another factor which ensures excellent service is the fact that our partners own their own businesses. That’s no faceless corporate logo on the side of the truck that will pull up in front of your home or workplace. That’s our partner’s name and reputation that you’re looking at. Independent business owners know how important your repeat business and recommendations are to the future of their company so they’ll do the best job possible. A big chain or franchise operation won’t give you that advantage. Their people know that if they screw up, the head office will take the heat, not them. Of course, after the repairs are made, there are still steps that you’ll need to take to limit damage to your home. First of all, you’ll need to empty the room of wet items, and set them out to dry. You may need to discard anything that is was ruined. The next step is removing the standing water with a wet/dry vacuum. Finally, opening all the windows and setting up one or more dehumidifiers will reduce the chance of structural damage or mold. Of course, you don’t need to have a pipe explode all over your family room in order to use our services. There are many more plumbing tasks that we are equipped to provide:

What a Local Miami Plumber Can Provide

  • Leak Detection and Sewer Line Inspection: Prevent your next plumbing emergency from happening. Our technicians can check your water supply and sewer systems so that you can get potential problems repaired before they turn into huge messes. We’ll check the pipe joints and fittings, the meter line, garden hose bibs, toilets, and sewer lines for clogs and leaks. It’ll give you peace of mind that you won’t face massive repairs later.
  • Water Conservation: We can help you save money by replacing old and inefficient fixtures and appliances with newer water-saving models. Finding and fixing leaks will also save money and lower the risk of water damage to your property. You can feel good about helping the environment and save money on your utility bills at the same time.
  • Appliance Replacement and Installation: Appliance installation can be a pain. Not only do you have to wedge yourself into a small space to deal with the water supply and drainage connection, most kitchen appliances, and water heaters are heavy and bulky. Save yourself the hassle and call us to install your new appliances.
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling: It could be that your bathroom is looking dated, or that the appliances and counters in your kitchen just aren’t very conveniently located. Maybe it’s time for a change. Call us to help install new plumbing fixtures and appliances in your kitchen or bathroom. It’ll save you time and we can use our experience to suggest ways to save water and make your time in the room more pleasant.
  • New Construction: If you’re planning your dream home or an expansion to your business, call Plumbers 911 now. By bringing us in on the planning stages, we can help you design and install a water-saving and well-designed plumbing system for your new building. Our union-trained techs have all trained on construction techniques and equipment, and can lay in everything from the main sewer line to the smallest faucet washer.
  • Commercial Plumbing: Obviously, the plumbing needs of a multi-million dollar business are far greater and more complicated than a single-dwelling home. However, we’re up to the challenge. We can help you with high-volume water supply, main sewer installation and maintenance, backflow prevention, professional-grade kitchen appliance installation, and many more commercial applications. We can also install water sub-metering systems for condominiums and apartment complexes.

Call Plumbers 911 Today!

So the choice is clear: call Plumbers 911 for a reliable Miami plumber today. You’ll save money, protect your home or business, and help conserve a valuable natural resource at the same time. Our independent, local affiliates are standing by to help with both your emergency and routine plumbing needs.

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