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Drain Cleaning Services | Miami PlumberOne of the most disgusting and unpleasant jobs in the field of home maintenance is drain cleaning and clog removal. Once you flush or rinse something down the drain, you most likely never want to see (or smell) it again. Unfortunately, it’s a dirty job that just has to get done because the consequences of not doing it are far worse than the job itself. Besides just the unpleasantness of the task, there are other issues that make it inherently more difficult than other plumbing jobs. First of all, locating the problem and getting access to it is a challenge all in itself. Sometimes the blockage may be over a hundred feet away from the nearest access point. This often requires the use of specialized equipment, especially if the access point is a toilet. A special kind of auger is needed to prevent damage to the porcelain of the bowl. The location of the access point can also be a challenge. Some may require the use of a vent on the roof, others may be located in the crawlspace under your home. Because of the potential for damage to your pipes and property during drain cleaning jobs, it’s important to know that you’re getting a well-trained Miami plumbing professional. That’s why we only hire union members who’ve completed over 100,000 hours of intensive training. They also agree to a thorough background check and periodic drug testing. You can be assured that your family and property is safe when we arrive. Being local residents, they also know how the buildings in your area are constructed, giving them an edge on locating likely blockages and access points.

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That’s where we at Plumbers 911 come in. Our network of professional, independent, locally-owned contractors are happy to help with even the worst drainage messes. Since we’re local (founded and based in the Miami area, thank you very much), we can get there quickly so you can put the inconvenience behind you and get on with more important things. You’ll also know that our affiliates will treat you fairly, since they’re your neighbors, contributing to the well-being of the community.

Other Services of a Local Miami FL Plumber

Drain Cleaning Services | Miami PlumbersAfter we finish getting those drains all nice and clean for you, you may be interested in the other services that we can provide: Fixture and Appliance Installation: Next to drain cleaning, replacing water heaters, dishwashers, toilets, and sinks are some of the other more difficult jobs in the field of plumbing. Besides the sheer weight and bulk of the appliances, you have to squeeze into some pretty tight places to disconnect the old appliances and hook up the new ones. It’s a good idea to save your back and your wallet and call Plumbers 911 for a local contractor who specializes in appliance installation in Miami. Lowering Your Utility Bills: Some estimates say that about 14% of all water use is in the form of leaking pipes and faucets. How much money would you save each month by lowering your utility bill by 14%? Certainly enough to make it worth your while to have us come out and check your home for leaks. We’ll check your fixtures, garden hose bibs, pipe connections and fittings, toilets, and showers for leaks. In most cases, we can do the repairs during the same service call. In addition to leak detection, we can also help you save water and money by replacing old, worn-out toilets and faucets with newer water-efficient ones. Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: Sometimes a change is nice. You may have had some great times in that kitchen, preparing great meals for your family, but maybe you’ve always wanted a larger sink or a more conveniently located refrigerator. It’s time to make that happen. Plumbers 911 can help you select and install the right appliances and fixtures for your needs, along with the water supply and drainage pipes to keep them running efficiently for years to come. New Construction: Maybe a simple remodeling job isn’t enough of a change. Maybe it’s time to build your dream home. We can start to make that dream a reality before you even lay the foundation. We can help you design a water-efficient home from the sewer connection under the ground to the kitchen vents on the roof. Green plumbing construction practices aren’t just for saving energy anymore. We may even be able to save you money by recommending better construction practices. Rental Properties: The population of South Florida is growing at a rapid pace. All those people need a place to live, right? That’s where you, the landlord come in. Instead of wasting time every month in estimating each tenant’s water use, how about taking the guesswork out of it by installing a water sub-metering system? It’s a great deal for you and your tenants. Your tenants gain the ability to control their own share of the water bill and have a great motivation for conserving water. By accessing the system remotely, you save time and effort each billing cycle and you’re able to charge each tenant fairly for their own water use. Commercial Applications: If you’re a business owner, there are a lot of good reasons to keep Plumbers 911 on speed dial or bookmarked on your computer. First of all, many businesses have much greater water needs than homes. Professional kitchens, beauty salons with multiple stations, and many industrial processes require a large and steady supply of water. They also require reliable drainage for the removal of all that water when necessary. Our techs are prepared for jobs of even the greatest magnitude such as installing and repairing backflow prevention systems, professional-grade kitchen fixtures and appliances, heavy-duty drainage systems, and multiple restroom upgrade projects.

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So whatever your Miami plumbing needs, Plumbers 911 can help. From the smallest job to the largest, our professional union contractors can do the job quickly and well, for a good price. As your neighbors, you can count on us to do a good job for you. We’re available 24/7 for quick emergency repairs.

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