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Leak Detection | Miami PlumbersRight now, money is literally dripping out of your house. Somewhere under the floorboards, behind the walls, or hidden deep within your basement, your pipes are leaking money. Of course, currently, that money is in the form of water, but ultimately, it may as well be the same thing. Water is a resource that you have to pay for through your utility bills, and the only direction that utility bills go is up.

Detect and Fix Leaks Immediately to Save on Water

There are a number of really good reasons to save water: To protect the environment: Last year, the population of South Florida grew by 66,000 people. That means a lot more people are going to be sharing the same water supply as the plants, fish, and wild animals of the region, not to mention the human residents of the area. By finding and fixing leaks, there will be more water to go around AND your favorite fishing hole won’t go dry. To save money: There are estimates that up to 14% if all water usage comes from leaking pipes and fixtures. Imagine cutting your water bill by 14%. We bet that you can think of quite a few things that you can use that money for, right? Try looking at hiring a reliable Miami plumber from Plumbers 911 as an investment: a one-time charge that can bring you years of saving. To prevent water damage: Here’s another question to consider. Even a medium-sized leak can add up to ten gallons of water wasted every day. Now, where do you think all that water is going? Could it be seeping into the walls or framing in your home? Behind the paneling in your basement? Into the padding of your carpets? Eventually, that water can cause wood to rot or mold to grow, even where you can’t see it. Especially in places where you can’t see it. Structural damage to your home can cost thousands to repair.

How Leak Detection is Done by Certified Miami Plumbers

When you call Plumbers 911 to check your home for leaks, we will send one of our well-trained and competent Miami plumbing technicians to your home. You can expect him to be courteous and knowledgeable, because we hire only the best union-trained contractors. Thanks to his rigorous training (which includes more than 100,000 hours of apprenticeship and training from veterans in the field), he’ll know exactly where to look for your leaks.
Leaks are most often found in the following places: Leak Detection | Miami PlumbersOnce the leak is found, we can give you reasonably priced options for repair, most of which can be done during the same service call, which saves you both time and money. We’re fully equipped to handle repairs of any size or severity. Our technicians frequently attend additional training on the most current tools and skills of the trade. After we fix those leaks for you, there are many other ways that we can help you with your Miami plumbing needs. Keep us in mind for your emergency repairs. When a pipe bursts in the middle of the night, you need someone who can get there quick. All of our affiliate businesses are locally-owned, which means that our response will be rapid and effective. We feel that taking care of our neighbors is a high priority. While you’re thinking about saving water, consider replacing old, inefficient toilets, water heaters, and showers with newer, more water-efficient models. Again, think of it as a one-time investment with monthly returns on your lowered utility bills. If you own a multiple-dwelling rental property, installing a water sub-metering system can both save water and streamline your billing process. Tenants are motivated to save water because the cost of their water use is passed on directly and fairly to them. If you’re concerned about preventative maintenance on your home, consider our sewer line inspection services. If damage from clean water from leaking pipes is bad, imagine the damage and mess that can be caused by a backed-up sewer line. The stench alone can make your house unlivable during a hot, South Florida summer. Our expert plumbers in Miami are also fully capable of contributing to complete remodels or even the construction of new structures. By including us in the planning stages, we can help you save money and future problems. There’s been a lot of talk lately about green construction practices in regard to energy use. Those same considerations can also be applied to water usage. Finally, we are also extremely proficient at commercial applications. From backflow devices to industrial water supply and drainage, we can install and repair every element of your company’s plumbing system. Because we’re local, we’ll get there quickly and get the job done so that you can reopen your doors or restart your production line with a minimum of lost revenue. Think of us as part of your competitive edge.

Why Choose The Experts of Plumbers 911?

We are a nationwide plumbing referral service based and founded in South Florida. Unlike most big plumbing chains, however, Plumbers 911 only works with locally-owned plumbing contractors in Miami and other areas. Because our partners are local businesspeople, they give back to the community, providing jobs and supporting nearby services. We know that our people will do a good job because it is their name (and by extension, their reputation) on the side of their trucks. We hire only union plumbing technicians, thoroughly trained in the trade by experts in the field. Each of our techs agrees to a thorough background check before being hired, and participates in follow-up drug testing to ensure your peace of mind when we arrive for a service call. So call Plumbers 911 for all your plumbing repairs in Miami. We can do the job quickly, thoroughly, and expertly. From emergency repairs to leak detection to new construction, we have the training and equipment to make your problem disappear so you can get back on with your life.

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