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It finally happened. You heard the warning signals: the weird noises, the chunking and clunking as it tried desperately to do the job. But you did nothing. Finally, after dinner one night, your dishwasher gave up the ghost. It croaked. It is no longer functional. Now it’s time to spend your hard-earned money and buy a new one. Plumbing Appliances Installation | Miami FL PlumbersCongratulations! The shopping trip went well, and now you have a brand new shiny dishwasher. Now, what are you going to do with it? First, you’ll have to remove the old dishwasher, including safely disconnecting it from the water and electrical supply. How long has it been in there? Maybe fifteen years? That’s going to be a dirty job, not to mention back-breaking as you try to contort yourself into the small space. On top of that, you’ll need to move the new one in and hook that up to the water and electrical. Even assuming that the connection to the dishwasher isn’t corroded and needs replacing, you’re looking at most of a day to get the work done. You can also expect a trip to the dump to replace the old one, where you’ll be charged disposal fees. It would be nice if there were an easier way to get that new appliance installed.

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Actually, there is a better way. We suggest calling us at Plumbers 911 for your new kitchen appliance installation. First of all, we have the tools and training to do the job right, without damaging any of your cabinetry or flooring in the process. In most cases, we can also help you with the disposal of the old unit. Also, since many appliances haven’t been moved since their original installation, you never know what you’ll find in that small gap between the appliance and the wall. We’re not talking about dead rodents and litter. We’re talking about leaking pipes and corroded fittings. With our expert Miami plumbing contractors on hand, we can make those fixes on the spot, saving you time and money.

Miami FL Experts are the Best Techs for Appliance Installation

Appliance Installation Service | Miami FL Plumbing ServiceSo why choose Plumbers 911 out of all the plumbing companies out there? We’re glad you asked. First of all, we work exclusively with locally-owned Miami expert plumbing businesses. Because our technicians are local residents, they’ll get to service calls in the least amount of time. They also know how most of the homes in the area are built, making the job itself go a lot quicker. Secondly, our local affiliates hire only union technicians that have passed a thorough background check. They are fully licensed and insured, each having completed at least 100,000 hours of apprenticeship and training before working independently. They also receive additional training on new equipment and skills in order to keep current with the best practices of the trade. So far we’ve talked about replacing home appliances, but we’re more than capable of handling larger jobs as well. When you’re dealing with something like a restaurant or cafeteria kitchen, the job gets quite a big bigger. From industrial-strength dishwashers to walk-in freezers, there’s no installation project that we can’t handle. We can also help you with the selection and installation of your appliances when you finally build your dream home. We can also install all of the water and gas supply and drainage lines that you need to get the best performance out of your new dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines.

Other Services of Plumbers 911

We also do more than install appliances. Our highly-trained technicians are more than capable of performing any kind of water or gas system repair in Miami. Here is just a sampling of what we can do for you: Emergency Repair: Appliances are not the only part of your home water system that can fail at the worst possible time. Some components are complicated to repair, such as toilets and water heaters. Others are just hard to get to, such as burst pipes and hidden leaks. Our independently-owned partner businesses are nearby, ready to help with your Miami plumbing repairs. We are committed to rapidly responding to your pipe emergency and helping you get back to business as usual. Clog Removal and Leak Detection: What about preventing future problems? We have the experience and equipment to reach and remove even the hardest to find clogs and blockages. We can even find leaks before they cause major damage. Some experts estimate that up to 14% of all water usage is lost to leaking pipes and fixtures. All of that water has to go somewhere. Unfortunately, it usually drains into the structure and foundation of your home, potentially causing structural damage, rot, and mold. Save yourself headaches later, and call Plumbers 911. Home Remodeling: Part of the fun of remodeling your kitchen and bathroom is getting to choose new appliances. All of that fancy new technology has to be installed by someone, right? Why not call us to make sure the job gets done right. We can also help you upgrade your hot water heating system while you have the cabinets dismantled. Maybe an energy-efficient tankless water heating system? It’s worth thinking about. Commercial Plumbing: As we mentioned before, Plumbers 911 also performs a wide variety of repair and maintenance for businesses, offices, and rental properties. From backflow prevention to main sewer installation, our Miami contractors are capable of doing the largest pipeline projects. We also install water sub-metering systems for multi-family rental units, allowing tenants to take responsibility for their own water use while streamlining the billing process for landlords. What better way to conserve water than by rewarding people for saving water?

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So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re planning a kitchen or bath remodel, building a new home, or expanding your restaurant or offices, Plumbers 911 can help. When you have a midnight plumbing emergency and need immediate assistance, we’ll be there quicker than anyone else. If you want to protect your home’s value by performing preventative maintenance and leak detection, we know just where to look for problems and exactly how to fix them.

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