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Home Remodeling Service | Miami FL Plumbing ServiceYour home is a major part of your life. Not only is it where you live and make memories with your family, it’s also the single largest investment that most people ever make. Because so much of your wealth is tied up in your home, one of the best ways to increase its value is to remodel it. Not only can you increase its resale value, but you can also give yourself a nice change. Imagine a kitchen that’s more convenient to work in, or a bedroom with brighter walls and a better view. There are different levels of remodeling that you can choose from. Some of the simpler ones involve just a coat of paint and some new fixtures such as ceiling fans or faucet handles. Other jobs involve converting a whole room, such as replacing that 1970s wood paneling with a more current wall treatment with a nice accent wall and track lighting. Finally, you could strip out an entire wing of your house and almost rebuild it from the ground up. That’s a long-term project which could really improve the value of your home.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Made Possible by Miami FL Techs

Let’s focus on kitchens and bathrooms. Because of the kinds of fixtures and appliances in those rooms, they’re a little more complicated than other remodeling jobs. In addition to the usual lighting fixtures and electrical outlets, kitchens and bathrooms often contain extensive built-in cabinetry, multiple large appliances, and water and drainage pipes. However, because there is more going on in a kitchen or bathroom, they have more potential for convenience and money-saving improvements.

You can save money in other rooms by installing energy-efficient light fixtures, but the real money-saving comes in when you begin upgrading plumbing fixtures such as toilets, showers, and water heaters. Up to 14% of all water use comes from leaking faucets and pipes. kitchen remodeling | Miami PlumbersMore than that can be saved by replacing inefficient appliances and toilets with newer, more water-efficient models. A better water heating system can save both water and electricity. As far as convenience is concerned, there are many opportunities to improve the flow and usefulness of a bathroom or kitchen during a remodel. For instance, relocating appliances to improve their accessibility can help. Some appliances can be suspended under cabinets, increasing counter space. If you have enough floor space, a kitchen island can be installed, complete with stovetop and sink. There is no end to the possibilities.Once you’ve decided on to remodel your bath or kitchen, the next step is to decide how the work is to get done. A lot of this depends on your skill level and the time that you have available to put into the job. Many people find that the best solution for them is to hire a contractor to do most of the work, particularly for the specialist trades such as plumbing and electrical.

Why Choose the Expert Technicians of Plumbers 911

So what should you look for when you choose a Miami plumbing contractor? You want a contractor who is reliable, experienced and well-trained. You also want reasonably priced service from someone who is fully licensed and insured. Basically, you want one of our expert plumbers from Plumbers 911. Bathroom remodeling | South FL PlumbersWhat sets Plumbers 911 apart from the typical large chains and franchises is the fact that we work with independent, locally-owned plumbing contracting businesses. This gives you a few advantages as you’re planning your remodeling job. First, since they’re part of the community, they are well acquainted with local building codes and practices. They’ve most likely worked with the other contractors on your job before and have a good working relationship. Finally, since service businesses live or die by word of mouth recommendations, our affiliates are guaranteed to do their best work for you. We also hire only the best union technicians, good people who’ve completed at least 100,000 hours of in-depth training in order to earn their licenses. They have access to additional training to hone their skills on the latest techniques and equipment in the trade. In addition to all that, they undergo thorough background checks and periodic drug screening. However, as good as we are at remodeling work, we are also experts in just about every aspect of the trade. In addition to helping with your Miami remodeling project, we are also prepared to help you with the following plumbing issues: New Construction: One way to think of building a new house is to imagine it as a huge remodeling job. The only difference is that you don’t have to tear out any old fixtures or walls. We can handle every detail of installing a complete plumbing system for your dream home. From the smallest faucet washer to the largest appliance, we will make sure that everything is right, and that it has the correct water supply and drainage to ensure that all of it works at top efficiency. Emergency Repair: With anything as complicated as a plumbing system, there is always a chance of something going wrong. Unfortunately, when that something goes wrong in the middle of the night and threatens to damage the structure of your home and your personal belongings, you want someone there quickly, who has the training and equipment to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Plumbers 911 is standing by, 24/7, all year long, to help your home get back to normal, whatever the problem may be. Commercial Plumbing: Our skills are not limited to working on homes. We can also handle larger jobs for businesses. For instance, we can handle professional kitchen and restaurant remodeling, including installing major elements such as institutional dishwashers and walk-in freezers. If you’re a landlord who’s upgrading a multi-family rental unit, we can quickly and easily install a water sub-metering system which will save water by giving your tenants an incentive for conservation. Plus, it allows you to both streamline your billing system and treat your tenants more fairly.

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