Sub-Metering System Installation by Qualified Miami Plumbers

Certified Plumbers 911 Experts Help Owners and Tenants Alike in Saving Money and Resources

Sub-metering | Miami Plumbing ServiceImagine for a moment that you’re a renter in an apartment building. You’re a responsible person, always trying to do your best for society and the world. You try to save energy and water whenever you can. Then you look next door and see that your neighbor left the water running in the kitchen while he’s watching the game. That has to be infuriating. Here you are, trying to do the right thing, while the jerk next door is not only wasting a precious natural resource, but he’s also running up your utility bill! Now imagine that you are the owner of that building. You’re committed to treating your tenants fairly, but one way or another, the water bill has to get paid. As it stands now, the only way to do that fairly is to take the bill, divide it by the number of tenants, and add it to their rent bills. But what if there were an easier way? What if you could just open an app on your phone and see exactly how much water each of your tenants had used that month? That would be pretty sweet, right?

How Sub-metering Can Help Miami Property Owners and Tenants

Well, the technology exists that can do exactly that. It’s called water sub-metering and it can improve the lives of both property owners and tenants. A sub-metering system basically consists of a small meter attached to the main water, gas, and electrical supply for each rental unit. These sub-meters are then plugged into a wireless network which can be accessed remotely. This enables landlords to determine exactly how much to bill each tenant for their own utility use.
This does a couple of things. First of all, it rewards tenants like the individual at the beginning of this article. People who are responsible and conscientious in their use of water and other resources. Thanks to their good sense, they deserve to save money on their utility bills. Secondly, it gives other people, good but wasteful people, a legitimate motive to change their water use habits. This is a great outcome for all of us, especially those of us in the rapidly growing South Florida area. Let’s face it, we don’t exactly have much of a snowpack to rely on in the case of a drought.

Benefits of Sub-metering

In addition, by putting your tenants in control of their own water use, you get a few additional benefits:
  • First, tenants can no longer complain that their water bill is too high because you will have solid data to back up your billing. (Of course, some people are going to complain anyway, but what are you gonna do?)
  • Secondly, you will remain competitive with other properties in your area because the water bill (and electrical and gas for that matter) will no longer have to factored into the base rent for the property.
  • Finally, as an added benefit, you can use the system to analyze high levels of water use and narrow down the location of potential water leaks that could otherwise cause serious structural damage.

Why Choose Plumbers 911 in the Installation

sub-metering | Miami plumbersNow that we’ve agreed that sub-metering is a pretty cool idea, the only remaining question is “Who are you going to call to install it?” The answer is simple: Plumbers 911. We are a Miami-based referral network that connects property owners to expert local Miami plumbers. As a business owner yourself, you understand the difference between a local entrepreneur and some faceless corporate chain. When our partner contractors pull up to your door, you’ll see their names on the sides of the truck. That means that their reputations are on the line with every service call. Besides the advantage of working with locally-owned businesses, Plumbers 911 hires only the best union plumbing technicians. Each of our Miami plumbing techs has well over 100,000 hours of training and apprenticeship before he or she receives a license. In addition, our contractors are fully insured and consent to a full background clearance as well as drug screening on a regular basis. There are a large number of other services that we provide for both homes and businesses: Around the Clock Emergency Service: Because our crack team of Miami plumbing experts are local residents, they know their way around the city and surrounding areas. They’ll get there fast, reducing the mess and potential water damage. Drain Cleaning and Clog Removal: It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. We have the training and specialized equipment to remove any clog, anywhere in your plumbing system, without damaging your pipes, fixtures, or property. Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: If that bathroom or kitchen need a little update, call us. We’ll be able to install a wide variety of stylish yet functional fixtures and appliances. Not only that, but we’ll be able to recommend ways to save water and money with more efficient fixtures and toilets. New Construction: Our contractors are also more than capable of installing plumbing systems and fixtures in new construction. Just like in remodeling, we can help you select and install an extremely water-efficient water system in your new home or business. We can handle all of the elements of the build, from the main sewer line to the smallest toilet supply line. Commercial Plumbing: Most businesses have vastly different water usage needs than personal residences. Even if special appliances and fixtures aren’t needed, the scale of most problems is often much larger. We are fully equipped to do heavy jobs like backflow prevention, professional kitchen installation, and industrial water supply and drainage.

Call Plumbers 911 Today!

So if you’re interested in increasing your rental profits and treating your tenants fairly, call Plumbers 911 and have our team of independent, locally-owned Miami plumbing contractors to install a water sub-metering system in your multi-unit rental property. We’ll also be happy to help with your other needs, from the smallest leak repair to a full remodeling job. You have too much on your plate to worry about your pipes. Let us take care of that for you. You’ll be glad that you did.

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