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Toilet Repair | Miami FL PlumberThere’s a few things that all human beings have in common. We all have to eat, sleep, and well, get rid of what we’ve eaten and digested. It’s been that way for thousands of years. Fortunately, we don’t have to find a tree or dig a hole in the woods anymore. Thanks to the invention of the flush toilet in 1778 or so, that part of our lives has gotten a lot easier. In fact, it’s something that we often take for granted. Unless it stops working. When your toilet stops working, life becomes a lot less convenient. If you’re lucky, you live in a home with more than one bathroom. If you don’t, your life is in for some serious disruption. Because a toilet is a relatively complicated device, there are a number of places where it can fail mechanically. Some of those repairs are fairly easy, such as replacing a toilet seat or adjusting the float arm or flapper. Others may take a lot of effort to repair. For instance, replacing a spud washer requires emptying and removing the entire tank from the base of the toilet. Sometimes it’s better to save yourself the trouble and hire a professional Miami plumbing contractor to get the job done. Even clearing a clogged toilet drain requires specialized tools if a simple plunger won’t do the job. Ordinary augers can cause damage to the trap and the porcelain of the bowl, leaving permanent scratches or even damaging the structure of the toilet itself.

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We’re a nationwide referral service that connects home and business owners to independently owned and operated plumbing contractors. Despite our growing presence nationally, our roots are sunk deep in South Florida. It’s where we got our start, and we’re still headquartered here. Miami is, and always will be, our home. Speaking of the importance of home, that’s why we only work with locally-owned business partners. People work harder when it’s for their friends and neighbors. Our affiliates contribute to the community in a lot of different ways, including supporting local services and providing much needed jobs. Not only that, our technicians know Miami like the back of their hands, so they’ll get to your home for emergency repairs quickly, day or night.
We also take steps to ensure that you’ll get the highest quality job from our well-trained and fully insured Miami plumbing technicians. Because they are all union members, they’ve each completed over a hundred thousand hours of training and apprenticeship before earning their licenses. In addition, each of our technicians agrees to thorough background checks and periodic drug screening. Here are some of the other things that we can fix for you:
  • Leaking faucets
  • Clogged pipes
  • Malfunctioning water heaters
  • Burst pipes
  • Low water pressure
Because you can’t count on your plumbing to fail at a convenient time, like on a Sunday morning when you have nothing else planned, you need to have a reliable team of Miami emergency plumbing repair specialists available to get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. We’re available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day to meet your needs. Because we’re local residents, we’ll get there quicker than anyone else.

Other Services by a Licensed Miami FL Contractor

Toilet Repair Services | Miami PlumbingIn addition to emergency or routine repairs, we are also capable of providing the following comprehensive plumbing services: New Construction: Our contractors are trained in all aspects of the trade, including new construction. We can help you add water-saving value to your new home or workplace. From suggesting water-efficient toilets and other fixtures to recommending water heaters that will also save you energy, we can help you from the beginning of the design phase. After that, we can install a water supply and drainage system that will meet your needs for years to come. Bath and Kitchen Remodeling: On a smaller scale, we can also help with your remodeling needs. Whether you’re redoing your entire home or just updating your bathroom or kitchen, we can save you money by installing water-efficient fixtures that also look fantastic. Even if you want to move the kitchen sink to an island counter, we can easily run the pipes for any remodeling project you can envision. Leak Detection: What about preventing plumbing emergencies? Our contractors know where to find the leaks that could cause major structural damage, rot, and mold. We also have the skill to fix them with a minimum of disruption to your household. Sewer Inspection: Have you ever wondered what the inside of your sewer looks like? We can show you, in full-color video, with our mainline video sewer inspection service. We can then use the latest in hydro-jet technology to keep your drain and sewer pipes from backing up if there’s blockage. If it needs repair, even a major job, we have the heavy equipment to get the job done right. If you’re buying a new home, it’s as essential to inspect the sewer lines as it is to inspect the roof and foundation. Commercial Plumbing: Of course, offices, stores, and factories also have plenty of toilets as well. Besides repairing and installing toilets in those types of buildings, we can also do the heavier jobs, such as installing professional kitchen fixtures and appliances, installing backflow prevention devices, as well as large-scale water supply and drainage for industrial processes. We are also proficient in installing and maintaining natural gas systems of all kinds.

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So whether it’s a simple toilet repair, a burst pipe, or a water heater gone bad, Plumbers 911 can help. We’re the local Miami plumbing solution that you’re looking for. We’re professional, highly trained, and well-equipped. Because our local business partners are independent contractors, it’s their name and reputation on the line. Every time they make a service call, they’re motivated to do their best for you. So call Plumbers 911 today before your next toilet malfunction. You’ll be glad that you did.

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