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sump pump repairs | south florida plumberBuilders put great thought into the homes they create, particularly those built in areas prone to flooding. Your home’s basement may house a device known as a sump pump. This device is frequently installed at the lowest point in your basement, the point most likely to be flooded when water surrounds your home’s foundation. To keep your basement dry and your belongings from floating in water,  sump pump maintenance and to repair it quickly if it is broken. Leaving this device ignored can cost you in the long run through extensive water repair and mold damage.

The Value of A Working Sump Pump

Placed at the bottom of a pit, your pump activates the moment the float switch registers a high water level. The water level may rise when there is heavy rainfall, severe storms, or during the spring time. A perimeter drain system will funnel the water surrounding your home’s base into drainpipes to be pumped out by this handy pump. The water is often diverted to the closest storm drain.

Without this device installed, the water simply seeps through your foundation and cracks to create a flooded basement or crawlspace.

Costs of Delaying Sump Pump Service Repair/Maintenance

Will the sump pump is a relatively small device, ignoring it can lead to massive problems. Once flooded, you can expect serious problems including:

  • Damp insulation
  • Rotted sheetrock
  • Weakened support beams
  • Wet DryWall
  • Water Damage to any property in the flooded area

The costs of these repairs will depend on the severity of the flooding. Typical costs for a lightly flooded basement starts from $500 all the way up to $10,000 depending on basement size and how much of your property suffered in water damage.

Your basement will then need the aid of professional restoration specialists to dry and repair your home. Dehumidifiers and pumps alone are expensive to rent ( from $100 to $1,200 depending on capacity) per day.

Give Plumbers 911 a Call for Sump Pump Concerns

sump pump repairs | south florida plumbersYou can skip all of this hassle by scheduling a visit from your local South Florida plumber. Our Plumber 911 specialists know what to look for when it comes to sump pump inspections, installations, and repair.

If your sump pump is at risk to fail, correct the problem promptly before it costs you thousands of dollars in repair. A quick call to our South FL plumbing technician is all it takes to ensure your pump is in working order and ready to handle the next storm and heavy rainfall.

Our contractors have the highest qualifications available:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Seasoned professionals with thousands of hours of training
  • Background checked and drug screened
  • Professional attire
  • Well organized service vans

With their years of expertise, our techs can identify and install all types of sump pumps. Whether yours is hard-wired into your home’s electrical system or simply powered by an outlet, we can inspect, repair, and install it.

The Importance of a Backup Pump

Be sure to ask about the installation of a backup pump. Having a battery backup for your pump will keep it working through severe storms and power outages. Power outages are frequently caused by severe storms and South Florida is no stranger to tropical storms and hurricanes.

These severe storms are known to cause power outages. Without power, your pump will not be able to draw its power from your home’s outlets/electrical wiring. Without power, the pump will not remove water coming into your home, leading to extensive water damage.

Installing a backup power source will eliminate this problem. If power is lost, the backup will kick in to keep your basement dry. Our specialists can recommend the best model and size for your home’s needs.

Here in South FL, many prepare for these storms by stocking up on water and food; many forget to check their sump pumps since it is out of sight. Do not make the same mistake. Be sure to service and repair yours before it is too late and the damage is severe.

To see if yours is in need of attention, uncover the pump’s cover and fill the pit with water. The raising water level will activate the float switch to rise. Within a minute, the pump should pump the water out and shut off automatically.

Many things can interfere with your pump’s performance including:

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Debris

Once inside your pump these items reduce both efficiency and the lifespan of your device. Our specialists know what to look for and where. Allow us to clean your discharge line openings, check for wear, and repair/replace your device for you.

We will inspect the condition of your basement and pump, test its efficiency and remove any items obstructing its performance. We will also clear your discharge lines to ensure the water can drain easily without any obstructions.

Requesting this service today will save you from severe financial losses and won’t break your budget. All of our services are competitively priced so you will be pleasantly surprised by our rates.

Why The Sump Pump Has To Be Taken in Consideration – Always

Out of sight and mind, your sump pump is actively at work keeping your basement dry. It works faithfully through storms and rain and without its vital role, your home is at risk of flooding. Your sump pump can fail, like any mechanical device, due to wear, debris, power outages, and other factors.

Scheduling a maintenance inspection and repair with our technicians are an excellent way to deter severe problems down the road and extend the life or your mechanical device. When it comes to down to the bottom line, you will save money by giving prompt attention to this frequently overlooked device.

Our plumbers are knowledgeable, friendly, and available 24/7 if your sump pump has failed. Available every day of the year you can depend on us to provide prompt solutions and professional service. Your satisfaction is our goal and the best service guaranteed.


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