Let Plumbers 911 refer you to a plumbing contractor for your bathroom remodel
20 Jun

How to plan the perfect bathroom remodel

The secret to a successful bathroom remodel is to plan the project ahead of time and hire a professional to do a quality job. Plumbers 911 can connect you with a contractor that can talk to you about your vision and work within your budget to make it come to life.

A bathroom renovation is an investment. It’s best to first sit down and consider what you want out of the bathroom remodel. What improvements do you want to make? What kind of style do you want the bathroom to have? Are you looking to put in a bathroom adjacent to a bedroom? Would you like to install a powder room that’s convenient for guests?

Call Plumbers 911 to schedule a consultation. Our contractors have years of experience remodeling bathrooms and can offer suggestions to help you plan the perfect remodel. Here are a few things to consider before you begin.


Decide on a budget for your bathroom remodel

The first step to planning a bathroom remodel is deciding how much you want to spend. You may already have a budget in mind, but there may be costs you overlooked, especially in the current economy.

A typical bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000, depending on the extent of your vision. Always factor in a cushion of at least 10 percent to 20 percent for unforeseen costs that may arise.

The contractors of Plumbers 911 can take a look at your budget and help you estimate costs. They have experience and know where it is safe to cut costs without skimping on quality.


Know your limitations and when to hire a professional

Unless you are an expert plumber and carpenter, you really should consider hiring a professional for your bathroom renovation. Installing vanities, toilets and bidets can be a complex job. Without experience, it can quickly get out of hand. You could invest thousands of dollars into a project and end up with substandard results.

Plumbers 911 has a network of plumbing contractors with years of experience remodeling bathrooms. They can help you achieve the quality you expect to make the most of your investment. 


Plan around the time needed for the renovation

You’ll likely need to set aside several weeks for a bathroom renovation, depending on the extent of the remodeling — maybe longer. 

The contractor will need a space to store materials and tools. This could be a hallway or nearby garage. 

You’ll need to plan your life around the bathroom renovation. Do you have another bathroom to use during the remodeling process? If necessary, a Plumbers 911 contractor can plan the renovation so you have a working toilet every night.


Call Plumbers 911 to complete your bathroom remodel

Once you understand your vision for your bathroom, call Plumbers 911. We can connect you with a licensed plumbing contractor to help bring that vision to life. Our contractors have years of experience planning and executing bathroom remodeling plans, on time and on budget. They have the know-how to address challenges that come up and can find creative solutions to help you achieve the perfect bathroom. 

All our Licensed Plumbers undergo a rigorous background check and drug testing. They are highly trained, qualified and fully vetted. Find a local Plumbers 911 plumber in your area today!