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10 Jun

Why does your toilet keep clogging? A plumber’s guide to toilet repair

Everyone has faced a clogged toilet from time to time. If you own a plunger, it’s a problem that is often easily solved. But if your toilet clogs regularly, you may be facing a more substantial problem that requires the expertise of a plumber. Here are a few reasons why your toilet constantly clogs, and what to do about it.


Your toilet trap is clogged

Unless it’s toilet paper or body waste, it shouldn’t go down your toilet. Toys, wash rags, and diapers obviously don’t belong in a toilet. But paper towels, femenine hygiene products, and Kleenex can also cause clogs. Even flushable wipes, despite their name and misleading advertising, can wreak havoc.

Certain drains like sinks or showers can be easily snaked, but a toilet is another story. Without the proper tools and expertise, you can seriously damage the toilet. If a plunger fails to remove a clog, call a professional plumber.


Someone’s using too much toilet paper

Kids are notorious for using gobs of toilet paper that can easily lead to clogs. Even adults can be guilty. Huge wads of toilet paper can lead to frequent clogs. If someone in the house is using too much toilet paper, it needs to be stopped. Teach them to be economical in their use. If necessary, flush several times during the process to avoid a heavy build up.


You’ve got an old toilet

Fortunately, low flow toilets have come a long way. But in the 1990s, they didn’t work so great. Worse, they were mandated by a federal law that limited each flush to 1.6 gallons. This law led to a rush of low flow toilets that were poorly designed and clogged often. 

If you have a 1990s-era low flow toilet, you might consider upgrading to a modern water smart toilet that has a WaterSense label.


There’s a sewer line clog

If your sewer line becomes clogged, your toilet will frequently clog as well. The drain’s exit is obstructed so material cannot drain. Sewer lines can break down. Tree roots can rupture the line and cause a blockage. If you are experiencing clogs in multiple drains, not just your toilet, chances are you have sewer line blockage.

Call a professional plumber, who may do a sewer camera inspection to identify the leak or see if the line has become clogged with tree roots. The sewer line may need to be dug up and replaced.


Need help with a clogged toilet? Call Plumbers 911!

If you have a toilet that’s constantly clogging, call Plumbers 911. We are a network of plumbing contractors that can inspect your toilet and sewer line and make a diagnosis. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem so you aren’t constantly having to plunge your toilet.


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