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24 May

How to troubleshoot a faulty lawn sprinkler system: When to call a pro

Your lawn sprinkler system can be a relatively complex feat of engineering with numerous components and extensions. When something goes wrong or stops working, it’s easy to miss. 

Often, you don’t notice a faulty sprinkler system until grass and plants start dying, or you get hit with an exorbitantly high water bill because of a leak.

That’s why we always recommend having your lawn sprinkler system inspected by a professional like the contractors of Plumbers 911.

Here are a few common lawn sprinkler system problems to consider. If you have any questions, call Plumbers 911 and be connected to a reputable local plumbing contractor who can help.


You have a faulty sprinkler controller

The sprinkler controller is what activates your system at designated times and controls how evenly and effectively your lawn and plants get watered. It is a critical component responsible for the effectiveness of your entire sprinkler system. 

How can you tell when it starts to break down? Look for consistency, or lack thereof. If your system isn’t coming on at the right times, stays on for too long, not long enough or does not seem to function well in automatic mode, chances are you have a faulty controller. Have it inspected by a professional Plumbers 911 contractor.


Your sprinkler heads are clogged

Sometimes a sprinkler head does not rise or fails to produce water. Most likely, dirt, sand or other debris has built up in the head and clogged the sprinkler. Turn off the water, lift up the riser on the sprinkler head and remove the nozzle and the filter. Clean the filter with a hose and return it to the nozzle. Check the sprinkler head to see if the water is now flowing properly.


Broken sprinkler heads

Sometimes a sprinkler head fails to function properly because it is damaged or broken.  Simply running over it with a lawn mower can lead to small cracks that compromise the sprinkler system. Even small cracks can cause water to pool, creating puddles in your yard, not to mention a high water bill. Blunt trauma can knock a head clean off. 

Frozen water left in your sprinkler system can also expand and lead to cracks. That’s why we recommend hiring a Plumbers 911 plumbing professional to put your system to bed every year in the early fall. 

If you have broken sprinkler heads, they will need to be replaced. 


Your lawn sprinkler system has low water pressure

Low water pressure is one of the most common reasons a sprinkler system fails to deliver. Typically, this problem is caused by blockage, faulty hardware, broken pipes, backend issues or poor sprinkler design. Fixing the problem can be difficult, as you may need to dig several feet in multiple places to locate the trouble. We recommend hiring a plumbing professional through Plumbers 911 to diagnose and repair water pressure problems. 


You suddenly have a high water bill

You open your mail and find an exorbitantly high water bill. The problem could come from a faulty toilet, a leaking water line or perhaps leaks in your lawn sprinkler system.

You may have a cracked line in the irrigation system. A valve seal may have worn out, resulting in a leak. An irrigation head may be broken. Perhaps you accidentally set your sprinkler controller to run multiple times per day.

Look for areas of the lawn that are particularly lush or pooling water. This is likely the source of the leak. Call a plumbing professional like the contractors available through Plumbers 911 to locate and fix the leak.


Need help with your lawn sprinkler system? Call Plumbers 911

If you need help with your lawn sprinkler system, call Plumbers 911. You will be connected to a licensed, local professional who can diagnose and repair your system. They can inspect your system annually as well as put it to bed at the end of the season. Trust the contractors at Plumbers 911 for all your lawn sprinkler system needs.


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