Plumbers 911 - Winter water heater
27 Jan

How to prevent the winter weather from taking over your plumbing system

The winter weather can be harsh on your plumbing system. The elements can take a toll on your system and cause damage that may forever affect your system.

To avoid paying thousands of dollars in repair costs when springtime comes around, be proactive and protect your property. There is still time to prevent unnecessary damage!

Winterize your pipes

If you have not yet winterized your pipes, be sure to do so before the winter continues. Doing so can prevent you from having to patch or replace entire sections of your outdoor piping system. Be proactive and protect them as soon as possible.

This protection can come in many forms.

First, be sure you disconnect all outdoor hoses and store them away for the winter. Next, drain the water from outdoor faucets. If water remains in the pipe, it could freeze, expand and cause damage to the faucet or pipe.

Some experts also recommend covering the faucet with some sort of insulating cover.

Prepare your water heater

The winter months can be brutal for your water heater. The cold weather and need for hot water keeps it working overtime. It’s not too late to protect your water heater this winter or make preparations for next winter!

The best way to ensure your water heater remains in good, working condition during the winter is to perform year-round maintenance. Detecting and addressing problems early can prevent you from dealing with cold water and a costly replacement or repair.

Additionally, homeowners can insulate the water supply leading to and from the water heater. Insulating will prevent the pipes from freezing and fracturing, while also helping to limit condensation on the pipes.

Inspect your sump pump

Nobody wants to deal with a flooded basement and the associated costs of clean-up and repair.

While most people think of sump pumps malfunctioning or being overwhelmed due to high levels of rain, melting snow and ice can overwhelm your sump pump too. Make sure your sump pump is operational and that your sump pit has been cleared of any debris.

No matter how you plan to protect your home from the winter weather, know that Plumbers 911 is here to help! Contact Plumbers 911 to be referred to a top-notch, local contractor who employs highly trained and highly skilled plumbing professionals.