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12 Feb

Clean your air conditioning unit for maximum efficiency

One of the most important parts of your house is your air conditioning system.

Especially in the hot summer months, your air conditioning will keep you cool. However, the downtime before and immediately after winter is perfect time for maintenance and upkeep.

Following these maintenance tips will help you lower your energy consumption and electric bill. Maximizing efficiency is the key to ensuring you pay a lower price and to help your unit remain working for years to come.

Clean your Outdoor AC unit

Since your main AC unit is outdoors, it is important to clean any debris from it. The first step of doing this is to turn off the power to the unit.

Once the power is deactivated, remove the cage from the unit and wipe anything from the fan blades. Doing this will allow your fan blades to spin more freely, with less resistance.

Next you will want to remove the cages from the sides and expose the fins. These tightly packed fins tend to collect tons of dirt and grass from the elements. A hose will do the trick, but a vacuuming may be in order. If you decide to use a hose, be sure to spray from the inside out using moderate water pressure.

If you notice any of the fins are severely bent or crushed, you may straighten them out using a thin object, such as a butter knife. Again, before doing this, be sure the air conditioning unit is deenergized.

Finally, be sure to clean around the AC unit. Remove any large debris and dirt that has stacked up near the unit. Additionally, cut any tall grass around and under the unit so it does not get sucked in.

Cleaning the indoor unit

Next, you will want to clean your indoor unit. Although this part is not exposed to the elements, dust can build up and reduce efficiency.

It is likely that you have not changed your furnace filter in quite some time. If you notice a layer of dirt built up on the filter, it is time to change it. Measurements for your filter should be on your current filter. New filters can be purchased at any home improvement store.

Dust buildup does not stop with the filter though. Be sure to vacuum the inside of your indoor unit as well.

Following these steps will help you maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, saving you money on electrical bills and increasing the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

Call Plumbers 911

As always, if you are unsure or uncomfortable with cleaning your air conditioning unit, be sure to contact Plumbers 911. Plumbers 911 will refer you to an expert local plumber who can provide this service and other emergency plumbing services.