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22 Mar

Maximize your backyard with an outdoor shower

With everyone spending more time at home, many homeowners are deciding to install backyard swimming pools so the family can stay entertained, cool and safe.

A backyard swimming pool is a large investment. However, it is one that will be worthwhile if you have kids or wish to spend a lot of time outdoors by a pool. Plumbers 911 recommends pairing an outdoor shower with your pool to maximize your backyard space.

Not only will an outdoor shower look aesthetically pleasing when it matches your pool space, but it will be one of your most useful plumbing fixtures. Its versatility will allow you to wash chlorine and other chemicals off before entering your house, clean the kids after playing in the yard, wash the dogs paws before allowing them back in the house and more.

Before you start making the big decisions, make a plan for where your shower system will exist. This is crucial, as a wrong decision can set you back financially and be costly to your property.

Pick a location for your outdoor shower

As the old saying goes, location is key.

This is true when installing an outdoor shower, as privacy, proximity to the home or pool, drainage and other factors need to be considered before sitting down to pick out the exact shower you are going to install in your yard.

Pick somewhere where you will maximize the use of your outdoor shower. For example, it may be most convenient to place it near a door, for easy access from the shower to your house. It may also be easier or more useful to install it right next to your pool.

It is also important to think about the privacy of the location. While you can install privacy barriers, some prefer an open air outdoor shower, which can sometimes be moved depending on hose length. Just be sure you pick a location that will allow you and guests to comfortably use your new installment.

Picking outdoor shower styles

Now that you have decided to move forward with installing your outdoor shower, one of the first decisions to make relate to the selection of styles and aesthetic features.

While some homeowners prefer a natural look featuring woodtones or rocks and stones, others prefer modern styles to compliment the design of their home. When you choose a style, be sure it is one you are happy with, as it can be costly to remodel an outdoor shower down the road.

In addition to the aesthetic styles, you will also have to choose the functionality of the shower. There are three different shower functions, which include portable, a shower that can be moved wherever the hose will reach; tower, which connects to an outdoor plumbing line, is less mobile and can use hot or cold water; or stationary, which is typically wall mounted and cannot be moved, but can use hot or cold water.

No matter which style and function you choose, be sure it is one that meets all your needs.

Call Plumbers 911

Committing to an outdoor shower to go along with your pool can be difficult. However, it is worth it for those who spend plenty of time outdoors. When you decide to install an outdoor shower, contact Plumbers 911! We can refer you to an expert plumber in your area, who can install or perform maintenance on your outdoor shower.

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