Plumbers 911 - Natural gas appliances
10 Apr

Repurpose your indoor space with natural gas appliances

If you are thinking about making upgrades to your home, consider adding an indoor fireplace, new stove, water heater or some other natural gas appliance, which will make your space more useful and comfortable.

Natural gas is a versatile power source that is cheaper than electricity. While the upfront cost of gas powered appliances and installation may be higher than electric appliances, natural gas is a cheaper source of energy and will make up for itself in monthly savings.

The first thing to do when installing a natural gas appliance is to contact a highly skilled plumbing professional, explain to them what you would like to install and discover what they recommend.

Once you have consulted a plumbing professional, such as those affiliated with Plumbers 911, it is time to begin selecting appliances.

Indoor fireplace installation

One of the most common indoor, gas-powered appliances is a fireplace. These fireplaces are both aesthetically pleasing and useful for heating a concentrated area of your home.

These are also one of the most customizable installations you can have in your home. While the actual equipment may be standard, homeowners can choose what type of rock, brick or other material housing they would like around their fireplace.

It is important for homeowners to contact Plumbers 911 with any questions pertaining to natural gas fireplaces. These appliances are complex and may be difficult to install. Plumbers 911 affiliated professionals are highly trained and qualified to connect a fireplace to your natural gas line.

Natural gas stove installation

Similar to fireplaces being a cost effective option for heating a concentrated space, natural gas stoves are more cost effective, as natural gas is often cheaper than electricity.

Another reason for installing a natural gas stove is the increased quality of the cooking process. Someone who is cooking on a natural gas stove is able to quickly control the heat of the stovetop with the turn of a dial. The flame will give immediate response by growing or shrinking. This is a major advantage compared to electric stoves.

Connecting a stove to your gas line can be complicated and lead to unintended damages. Be sure to consult an expert before attempting to take on the project yourself.

Natural gas water heater installation

Similar to other natural gas appliances, a natural gas-powered water heater operates at a lower cost than the standard electric water heater. An added benefit to a natural gas water heater is that it will continue to be useful during a power outage, since your gas supply is not connected to the electricity.

Finally, gas heaters offer better performance when it comes to tankless heating. The more efficient tankless heaters provide more hot water at a quicker rate. These more efficient heaters can quickly heat up water to supply to your entire home.

Contact Plumbers 911 for indoor gas installation

If you are interested in installing a natural gas powered indoor appliance, contact Plumbers 911! These highly trained and highly skilled professionals are prepared to help with your project. It is imperative that you contact a professional before attempting to work with natural gas, as it is dangerous.

If you would like to learn more about installing natural gas appliances, please click here.