Plumbers 911 - Outdoor natural gas appliances
22 Apr

Reimagine your backyard with natural gas appliances

Have you ever imagined your backyard as being the perfect spot for having family over for holiday barbecues or maybe a date night in front of a nice fire table? All it takes is an investment in certain appliances and your dream backyard can become a reality.

There is a whole world of natural gas powered appliances that can make your outdoor space a more useful and fun area.

Natural gas barbecue

Cooking outside is a summertime tradition in America. When the weather begins to get warm, you can smell the burgers, steaks and other foods being cooked somewhere in a backyard.

If you have always wanted a backyard barbecue, now is the time! The barbecue grill industry is diverse and offers plenty of options. However, these grills can be dangerous. If you are installing a grill and need to connect it to your natural gas line, it is best to contact Plumbers 911 for expert advice and help.

If you already have a grill, consider upgrading to a custom outdoor cooking space, which would allow you to have a one-of-a-kind space to wow your family and friends. If you decide to do this on your own, make sure you are aware of the dangers of working on a natural gas line, which will need to be inspected before you use it.

Outdoor gas heaters

Perhaps you live in a place where the outdoor temperatures are only bearable for a few months out of the year. An outdoor gas heater may be the solution to allow for enjoyable evenings outdoor once the night temperatures begin to cool. Installing one of these heaters can help keep everyone comfortable, allowing you to remain outside for longer than you previous years.

While many homeowners opt for simple electric outdoor heaters, gas heaters have a higher heat output thanks to the combustion of natural gas. However, these heaters cannot be moved, as they are fixed to the natural gas line and must be well ventilated since they are burning gas.

Other outdoor gas appliances

There are plenty of other ways to spruce up your outdoor space with natural gas and gas powered appliances.

A fire table is perfect for sitting on the patio during those summer nights. Being powered by natural gas allows the homeowner to control the exact height and intensity of the fire burning in front of them.

Contact Plumbers 911 for outdoor gas help

Natural gas lines and installations can be dangerous and should only be worked on by a professional. If you have purchased a new appliance to be connected to your natural gas line or need to have a connection repaired, contact Plumbers 911!

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