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08 May

How to save money on your residential gas bill

Although many homes are shifting to all electric power, some homes and buildings still use natural gas as the main power source for heating and to power certain appliances. In these times, Plumbers 911 wants to help you lower your gas bill.

In the winter, it is easier to run up the gas bill by heating your home and using more hot water. While you can not get rid of your bill, you can do a few things to help lower it.

New equipment and windows

Over time, the appliances you bought with your home need to be replaced. Old and inefficient appliances can be a burden on your gas bill. While these appliances may work fine, their inefficiencies may be costing you hundreds of dollars. For instance, a natural gas furnace or hot water tank, which is more than 15 years old, will use far more natural gas than similar new appliances.

Although some of these appliances can be pricey, such as a new water heater or a furnace, it will end up being cheaper in the long run. Also, planning to buy one of these big ticket appliances is far easier than being forced to purchase something when an emergency inevitably happens.

Similarly, a new set of windows could be the key to saving a little bit of money. If you live in an older home, it is a good idea to have new windows installed. Over time, the seal around windows breaks down, allowing cold air to flow into your home, which causes your furnace to run more often.

Properly insulate your home

Insulating your home is crucial to saving on your gas bill. While this may not be as much of a problem in the spring and fall, the winter and summer months can make an impact in your energy bills.

Insulating is more than just lining your walls and attic with the pink stuff (insulating material), it includes replacing seals around door doors and other places where air may be able to come through. Be sure that all of the vulnerable parts of your home have adequate insulation and watch your gas bill go down.

Additionally, be sure to insulate your piping system and water heater. These easy to forget components of your plumbing system can easily cost you if not properly insulated.

Change your habits

Perhaps the most inconvenient way of lowering your gas bill is by changing your habits. We all have behaviors and preferences that drive up the cost of gas throughout the year.

By forcing your appliances and systems to do less, you will shave dollars and cents off your gas bill. For example, wearing a sweatshirt inside of your home allows you to keep it a couple degrees cooler, which will save money.

Another example is taking a shorter shower. Your water heater is one of the largest consumers of natural gas, so make sure you are efficient with that power. Similarly, lowering the temperature on your water heater will help you save on your gas bill.

If you would like to have your gas system inspected or serviced, be sure to contact Plumbers 911. Our expert, local contractors are prepared to help you with any plumbing issue you may have.