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24 Sep

How to save money while still using your water heater

Your water heater accounts for 17 percent of your energy use, the largest user of in-home energy.

Although water heaters account for large amounts of energy usage, there are a few things you can do to conserve energy and keep your electric or natural gas bill low.

Water heater insulation

The first way you can prevent energy loss through your water heater is to insulate your tank. Insulating your hot water tank will result in less energy lost and a lower figure on your electric or gas bill.

Mechanical insulation is a valuable, but often forgotten tool, the average homeowner can use. The best course of action to wrap the exterior of the tank in mechanical insulation. While some homeowners may feel comfortable doing this, others may not. If you are in the later category, call Plumbers 911 to be referred to a local plumber with mechanical insulation experience.

In addition to insulating your water tank, a step beyond is to insulate your pipes. Although insulating the tank is paramount, insulating the hot water lines can help keep the water warmer as it travels through your system and can help you save money.

Install a heat trap

Although many modern water tanks have heat traps built in, some older models do not have them. The good thing is heat traps can be installed fairly quickly, cheaply and easily.

A heat trap works to allow cold water to enter the tank, while preventing hot water from getting cold. The device uses convection in order to keep hot water at the top of the tank since heat rises.

Conserve hot water

Another way to save money on your electric bill is to conserve hot water whenever possible. Although this will likely save you a small amount of money, using room temperature water for basic grooming and everyday use is a fairly easy change.

Simple tips

There are other ways to save money on your water heating bills, such as lowering the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees, fixing leaks, taking short showers, installing low-flow fixtures and more.

If you would like the advice of an expert plumber or have them come and perform any work, please contact Plumbers 911. Plumbers 911 will find a reliable, local plumber who will provide exceptional service.