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Plumbing Appliances | Kansas PlumbersOur plumbing appliances are essentially hidden in plain sight. We probably use them every day, but don’t think about them that much until there’s a problem. Only then do we start to really appreciate them!

If you have an urgent problem with one of your plumbing appliances, such as a major leak or flood, contact Plumbers 911 immediately to access around-the-clock plumbing services. If you simply have questions about the longevity of your appliances, such as how to keep them in good repair and whether or not it’s time for an upgrade, then read on for all the information you need.

Plumbing Appliances: Workhorses of the Home

The term ‘plumbing appliance’ is a broad term that encompasses many of the appliances that help keep our homes clean, such as washing machines, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. These appliances can be large purchases, but thankfully they can also last for a long time if they are maintained properly. Understanding a little about how they work, and what the signs are that they may need repair, will help you to keep them in proper working order for many years.
Caring for your Washing Machine: In order to take care of your washing machine, start with familiarizing yourself with its different parts. You should inspect its ducts and hoses frequently so that you can make sure there are no blockages or cracks that could grow into bigger problems. These can be very easy to overlook, but once the problem has grown it can quickly become urgent and expensive. If there are cracks, or other significant wear and tear, on the ducts and hoses of your washing machine, these parts should be replaced to ensure the longevity of the rest of the machine. Otherwise, take care that you use the correct laundry detergent for the kind of machine you have. Airing out the inside of your washing machine after each cycle can also help it work properly for many years. Finally, clear the interior rubber gasket of your washing machine periodically of any buildup so that you don’t need to replace the gasket. This is particularly important if your machine is an HE or “high efficiency” machine. Caring for your Garbage Disposal: The garbage disposal can be a delicate appliance, so make sure to not overwork it or use it improperly. Otherwise, it can cause blockages further down your plumbing system – definitely something worth trying to avoid! Blockages can actually be prevented by regular use, which is somewhat counterintuitive. Putting some rougher food waste, like small bones, into your disposal can help keep it clean. Lemon juice, peels from citrus fruits, and regular old dishwashing liquid can also help keeping it both clean and smelling fresh. Occasionally, use vinegar to give your disposal a deep clean. The main thing to avoid is to dispose down your drain, as much as possible, are animal fats and oils. These can quickly build up in your drain pipe and cause clogs. Remember, never ever put your hand down into your disposal! If you think something has fallen into your disposal, try using a tool to remove the object instead. Caring for your Dishwasher: For the most part, dishwashers don’t require a lot of maintenance. However, as with everything else in your home, inspecting it periodically will help you catch problems while they’re still small, instead of encountering them when they’ve already become an emergency. Dishwashers have rubber gaskets, just like washing machines, and these should also be inspected regularly to make sure they’re free of cracks. Your dishwasher’s sprayer arm should also be inspected for clogs. As with garbage disposals, vinegar can be used to easily and effectively clean your dishwasher. The most common problem that can happen with dishwashers is that food buildup causes a backup inside the appliance. This can be a very serious problem, so make sure it’s addressed immediately. For safety, make sure to shut off the electricity immediately if your dishwasher is causing flooding.

Decision time: New Appliance, or Repair the Old?

Local Sumerduck plumbingAlthough new appliances can be expensive, there’s a point at which repairing old plumbing appliances means using a band-aid fix that’s only temporary. In the long run, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to look into purchasing new appliances than to repair them, only to have them break again a short while later. If you need help professionally diagnosing the current condition of your appliances, this is something our technicians can help you with. Sometimes, there are good reasons to think about updating your plumbing appliances for newer models even if they haven’t reached the end of their life. The most obvious reason might be aesthetics; trends come and go, and if you’re otherwise remodeling your kitchen it may be natural to want a new dishwasher to go with your sleek new look. But there are additional benefits to upgrading, too. As technology progresses, newer plumbing appliances come with additional features that can improve the quality of life in your home. Newer models are more energy and water efficient, which means that the cost you spend on your new appliance will come back to you in the form of lower bills every month. If you decided it’s time to get out with the old and in with the new, call a licensed Kansas technician to have one of our technicians install your new appliances professionally.

One Call Fulfills All Your Plumbing Appliance Needs

Whether you require plumbing appliance repairs, you’ve decided the time has come to upgrade, or you’re on the fence and would like a professional eye on the situation, Plumbers 911 Kansas is the only name in the business you need to know. We represent a network of professionals in the region, all with top quality and up-to-the-moment training on the latest technologies, products, and methods. You can be certain that with us, you’re receiving top-of-the-line, competitive plumbing services.

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