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Leak Detection | Missouri PlumbersYour home can harbor many hidden leaks.  From slowly running toilets to dripping faucets to a hidden water line leaking into your basement or yard, there are many places where water can leak out of your pipes and into places where it should not be. If you have noticed a sudden and unexplained increase in your water bill, you may have a leak somewhere in your home.  Call Plumbers 911 and we can send a licensed professional to inspect your plumbing system in order to locate and fix any such leak.

A Licensed Missouri Technician can Detect and Fix Leaks

Not all leaks are created equal.  Some leaks, such as a slow-running toilet or a mildly leaky faucet, are not as serious and probably do not warrant emergency attention.  On the other hand, other leaks can be much more damaging to your property and expensive if left unfixed.  A water line that is leaking water—even if the water is simply leaking into your yard—can cause your monthly water bills to increase significantly.
In addition to costing you money in the form of higher water bills leaks are harmful for the planet as well.  Even a small leak can easily add up: some estimates show that a small leak can waste from 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water a year; what’s more, according to the, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the combined total of all home leaks in the United States is in the neighborhood of one trillion gallons per year.  While you might think that your small leak is not a big deal, you cannot ignore the impact on the environment of leaving such a leak unfixed. Some of the worst leaks in terms of the damage they cause to your pocketbook, your home, and the environment are those which are hidden from sight and leak a small enough amount of water that they may go undetected for years at a time.  Hidden water supply lines inside your walls and under your floors may slowly leak copious amounts of water into your home over the years; by the time these leaks are discovered significant portions of the infrastructure of your home may be ruined and rotting beyond repair.  Places where a hidden leak might develop include:
  • Inside your walls
  • Under your floors
  • In crawlspaces under your home
  • Inside your cabinets
  • Behind your refrigerator
  • In your yard
  • Behind your washing machine
  • And other places.
A certified Missouri contractor can visit your home and perform a thorough inspection of your pipes and supply lines.  He or she will quickly determine whether you have any hidden leaks and, if so, where they are located.  He or she will then sit down with you and go over the various options for repair, highlighting the cost of each option as well as the advantages and disadvantages thereof.

Reasons to Insist on a Certified Missouri Professional for Your Leak Detection Needs

Leak Detection Service | Missouri PlumbersWhen it comes to something such as searching for hidden leaks it may be tempting to try to cut corners and save costs by hiring the cheapest “plumber” you can find.  However, this course of action almost inevitably leads to problems down the road, as many times these “plumbers” are not licensed and are not trained in the latest methods in leak detection (or other plumbing issues).  The mistakes that they make and not locating a hidden leak in your home can be very costly over the long run, with the costs of repairs totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars. In contrast, when you contact us and ask for someone to come to your home, you can be sure that we are sending only highly-qualified professionals who know what they are doing and are fully licensed and insured.  By sending only licensed professionals to your home, we make certain that your home is fully protected from sloppy work and careless mistakes. Further, because our certified professionals are fully insured, you can be certain that if something catastrophic does happen, you will be covered and your home will be repaired quickly and completely.  We know that your peace of mind is important and for that reason all of our contractors are required to have up-to-date licenses and certifications as well as insurance to cover their work.

Licensed Missouri Technicians Stand behind Their Reputation and Deliver Excellent Customer Service

In addition to saving you money in the long run by ensuring that there are no hidden leaks which go undetected, and in addition to providing you peace of mind by virtue of only sending technicians whose work is fully insured, when you use a licensed technician you have another advantage: a certainty of receiving strong customer service.  You see, we only work with professionals, and these professionals have spent many years developing a reputation for quality service.  They will do whatever is necessary to protect that reputation and ensure that you are happy with the service you receive. If you have questions, they will be happy to sit down and talk with you and make sure you understand everything that is going on.  If you are interested in the various options for repairing leaks all you have to do is ask them and they will be happy to talk with you.  You never have to worry that they will brush you off or belittle your concerns because these are highly-reputed professionals who have a reputation to protect. If you have noticed a nun explained increase in your water bill, or if your water bill just seems higher than you think it should be, you may very well have a hidden leak somewhere.  Rather than let this condition continue feel free to call us at (816) 326-8643 today and let us send a technician to see you. At Plumbers 911 we put your satisfaction first.  We look forward to working with you!

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