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Be Safe! Invest in Regular Gas Systems Inspection by a Bridgewater Plumbing Expert

Expert Technicians of Plumbers 911 Bridgewater Can Keep Your Residential Gas Systems Maintained so They Are in Excellent Working Order Year After Year

Reliable Gas Systems Services | Bridgewater PlumberNatural gas is a more efficient clean burning fuel, and as such it is a more economical way to heat your home, even more so than electricity. If a home is burning oil for heat, converting to natural gas will lower its CO2 and eliminate sulfur dioxide emissions, as well as reduce the heating cost of fuel in the home. In Converting a home from oil to gas not only will you need a certified plumber such as Plumbers 911 Bridgewater you will also need a certified HVAC technician that specializes in this type of conversion.  We have specialists that will be able to help in this area as well. Since natural gas is more economically friendly you will be able to see a drop in your heating/cooling bill over time; as it is cheaper to heat/cool and even cook in  the home with natural gas.

Installation of a Gas System into a Residential Home

Gas metersWhen an installation of a gas system to a residential home is needed either for a newly built home or in a remodel, it should not be done by the resident themselves it should be done by a professional expert. In most cases, the installation can be done by a plumber as they are certified in gas installations as well. The reason that it should not be a DIY project is there is little room for error and that certain codes must be followed and the costs of calling a plumber may be cheaper than making a mistake and blowing up your home. New installations are easier than a remodel as a remodel needs to be severed from its current form of heating and tied into the gas line as well as having lines run for gas to flow through the house itself. This may be difficult depending on crawl spaces and other variables in the home. A new home can have the lines run as the home is being built making it much easier to have the lines installed and attached to the meter. When gas meters are installed they should not be installed indoors unless there has been permission granted to do so and then proper ventilation and vents are installed. If a meter is improperly installed it can result in leaks, explosion and fire.

New Technological Advances from Your Bridgewater Plumbing Technicians Make Things Easier

Because of new technological advances installation into homes is now easier including remodels. Instead of the heavy black iron pipes that were typically used, now a Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) is being used. CSST  is so flexible that it could almost have a knot tied into it. It is installed similarly to an electrical wire and is cut with tubing cutters. The black iron pipe that used to be used had to be cut and measured perfectly and needed a professional who knew how to do so.  The cutting and measuring of the iron pipe and its threading was very tedious, unlike the CSST. CSST minimizes potential leaks as the black iron pipe has many angles and connectors, as well as fittings, each and every one of these, leave ways to possible sources of leaks.  It is also easy to add in a pipe if need be at a later date, unlike with traditional pipe that must be threaded and cut. Soft copper is also approved for use inside residential homes in some cities and towns. It cannot be soldered like water lines, the connections with this pipe are made with normal flare fittings. Ensure you label which copper lines are your gas lines so that in the future someone doesn’t mistake them for a water line.

gas systems repair bridgewater NJBenefits of using a gas system in the home

There are many benefits of using a gas system in a residential home, besides lowering the cost of the utility bill, it is also reliable as your heating and appliances that run on natural gas will work when your electricity is out.  Your home will emit 50% less carbon than an all-electric home will as well. So, choosing to have a natural gas system in your home will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Inspection and Maintenance from a Local Plumber in Bridgewater

When a homeowner has a gas system in their home it must be inspected and maintained  regularly to ensure that it has no leaks, as this can be dangerous if not fatal to all in the home. When gas leaks occur carbon monoxide, which is a byproduct of natural gas not being burned up due to lack of ventilation or faulty installation can cause poisoning in a homeowner or their family. Carbon Monoxide replaces the air in the air basically asphyxiating the person breathing it in. At least 500 people died of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning every year. To ensure that there are no leaks in the home an inspection should really be done by a professional that is certified in gas inspection. Our Bridgewater Plumbing experts are highly-trained and certified to inspect your gas system and ensure that they are no leaks. Gas meters require very little maintenance however they do need to be checked annually to ensure that they are free from leaks, and if any are found then repaired immediately putting the home and system back up to code. When looking to switch over to a gas system Plumbers 911 can give you all the help and information you need to get started. However, if you already have a gas system in your home our technicians are highly qualified to ensure that your system is working as it should and is free from any leaks, throughout the system. Our staff continues their education to stay up to date on all the newest technological advances and equipment that is used in doing so; that way we can better help keep your system working the best it can. We understand that you want your family safe and secure so we ensure we know everything we can about your gas system so that we can ensure your family is safe and secure.

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