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Local Prospect Park plumbersLike a reliable friend, Plumbers 911 is always available to help you out. We welcome your calls both day and night, every day year round. Whether it is a simple repair or installing new appliances and plumbing fixtures for your remodel project; we are here to offer you our full services. When an emergency strikes, our contractors understand that tie is of the essence. Our quick response and professional training will help resolve your emergency quickly, minimizing your damage and depressing your stress. Remodels, in particular, require the help of a knowledgeable professional. You don’t want to do it yourself only to discover your plumbing is not working properly. Our advice is to be trusted and our service dependable. Each of our technicians has had over 10,000 hours of training. So you can be rest assured that you are speaking with an expert on the subject, not a newbie.

Types of Services Offered

Water Heater Repair • Home Remodeling • Faucet Repair • Leak Detection • Camera and Sewer Inspection • Septic Tank & Grease Traps • Hydro-jetting • Pump Repairs • Sub-Metering • Gas Systems • Plumbing Appliances • Sump Pumps We realize that you may have had run-ins with less than professional technicians and are hesitant to reach out for assistance again. We guarantee that all of our specialized technicians are well trained and have clean backgrounds and drug screening results. We always treat your home as if it were our own and maintain a clean work space and work vehicle. We wilLocal Prospect Park plumbersl gladly answer any questions you may have about prices, our policies, and any concerns you may have. We can fix all of your plumbing problems, for both residential and commercial. Whether it’s a leaky shower head or a broken boiler, we have you covered.

Drain Cleaning

Slow or clogged drains are a frequent nuisance around homes. We can quickly tackle this problem for you. Ensuring the water drains effectively is important for the efficient operation of the entire system. Whether it’s a small clog or a bigger problem with the sewer line, we can help. Our specialists can identify the problem using a video inspection to capture screen shots of what exactly is causing the blockage, and then treating the problem correctly. This process ensures that the job is done right, and done correctly the first time. A variety of reasons can cause clogged or slow draining water. It can be a clog caused by hair, grease, residual buildup, or foreign objects. Root invasion can also cause it. So skip the harmful chemical drain cleaners. These cleaners can corrode your pipes, leading to expensive repairs. Instead, allow our Prospect Park NJ plumbers can clean your pipes using powerful hydro-jetting and snaking. Schedule an appointment today. • Drains • Water pipe repair and replacements • Cleaning of main sewers • Clogs • Sewer Ejection pumps • Garbage disposals Our well-organized trucks carry the vast majority of tools and parts needed for faster repairs, fewer trips, and less wasted time.

Upfront Pricing

Prospect Park plumberWe value honesty and provide upfront quotes for the work that we will be doing. If we cannot give you a quote over the phone, as the job requires a visual inspection, you can be assured that that a visual assessment will identify the cost and you will know exactly how much you will need to pay before the work begins. This will eliminate any of those unpleasant surprises.

Prompt Scheduling

For plumbing that does not require urgent service, we will schedule your appointment promptly based on your convenience. We will accommodate your schedule. By scheduling the majority of non-emergency needs during the day, we greatly reduce our overhead costs and apply those savings to you.

Maintenance Services

Why wait for an emergency to strike? Regular and consistent maintenance can spot and prevent serious problems from occurring. Here at Plumbers 911 New Jersey we can provide you with • Yearly inspections all exposed gas connections and piping in your home • test your water main pressure • Flush out your water heater and draft and test relief valve • Inspect outdoor hose spigots • Inspect Sump Pump • Inspect drains for proper water flow • Check toilets, showers, and sinks for leaks

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All of our technicians are trained, knowledgeable, and current on all the latest advancements. Our specialists will fix your problem will ensuring you are safe and comfortable. We pride ourselves in providing an accurate diagnosis, fair pricing, and prompt service. You and your home will be treated with respect and courtesy.  ]]>

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