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Reliable Air Conditioners When the heat is so intense outside you want to keep your home as cool as possible inside. As soon as you start to notice a decline in your air conditioner’s ability to cool, calling the a/c tech specialist with Plumbers 911 should be your first step. Do not suffer with the heat any longer than you have to. With just a simple call, we will be on the job accessing your situation and getting your home cool again. Let us ease your mind and cool your home.

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Repeat business is our greatest advertiser and we count on our repeat customers to spread the word. Word of mouth is so much better than a television ad any day. Just ask your neighbors and friends or family who they rely on for all their air conditioning needs. Our customers trust our service and know they are getting a fair deal.
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When handling such an expensive part of your home, you want to be sure that you are using an experienced and certified air conditioning technician. All our techs are professional and completely certified to handle any type of air conditioning unit. If you are thinking of upgrading and putting in a more efficient unit, then our techs knowledge will be very helpful. Choosing the correct system for the size of your home and particular needs is very critical to maintaining a properly working a/c unit. This is why our satisfied customers call for a consultation with their Plumbers 911 local tech. Acquiring all the correct information on such a major decision is very important.

Plumbers 911’s Great Service

Our speedy reliable service will definitely keep you feeling cooler all summer long. Whether you have a small or large unit with ducts or ductless, we will have your unit repaired or replaced with courteous and efficient service. Reliable Air Conditioners | NJ Plumbing ServicesAir Conditioning Repair Services – Our technicians can diagnose any make or model of a/c unit you may have. Some repairs can be very simple and some may be more in-depth. Whatever the issues we take all the worries off your shoulders and get your unit back in working condition as soon as possible. Big or small we do handle it all. Preventative Maintenance – maintaining your current air conditioning system will help prolong its life and supply you with plenty of cool air all summer long. Scheduling a maintenance appointment is as simple as a phone call. We work around your schedule and suggest to do a yearly checkup before summer hits. Take care of your air condition system and it will take care of you. Upgrade /Replacement – Whether by choice or not when choosing a complete new system you want to get the best quality for the best deal. Our techs keep updated on all the newest and most efficient a/c units available. With the wrong unit size, you will have issues keeping your sufficiently cooled. Even a larger unit than what is required could cause you issues. We make this transition for you as simple as possible. This is a major purchase for your home and we want to be sure you are getting the best in equipment and service. Upgrading or replacing, especially if you’re a/c unit is older will definitely save you money on your utility bill. So, even if your system has not failed you completely but is getting up there in age, you might consider a more efficient system. You will not only get cooler air, but also lesser headaches in the future. Let our specialized tech with Plumbers 911 help you with this decision, you will be glad you did. There are many pros and cons about duct systems and ductless system. Let our qualified technician answer all your questions about these systems. If you already have ductwork that is in great condition then you might lean to keeping that system. However, upgrading to the ductless system may be more appealing. Our tech will work with your opinions in mind and be able to give you a complete comparison to both choices. A well-informed decision is a well-chosen one. So, utilize Plumbers 911 tech’s knowledge and experience to your advantage. There is also the consideration with solar cooling systems. For going green, we can help with any questions regarding the solar powered systems available on the market today. As with most solar use, you will save money on your bill and possibly credit back with net-metering from your utility company.

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Emergency Air Conditioning Service

With temperatures rising in the summer without your air conditioner running properly is considered an emergency. Most homes are sealed up to keep heat in in the winter and the heat out in the summer. So, when your system stops working the heat can rise very quickly in your home. This can cause health issues to younger children, the elderly, and other family members that may be ill. We understand how important it is to have your a/c system running up to par. You will find our techs are available for emergency service not only 24/7, but weekends and holidays as well. We view air condition emergencies as a priority and treat them that way. With a yearly scheduled maintenance checkup will usually alleviate any emergency issues with your air condition system. However, there are those times that something simple is stopping you from keeping cool in your home and we can quickly get your system up and running smoothly again. Plumbers 911 technicians are geared up and ready for the summer heat. We stay prepared 24/7 to handle any all distress calls from our customers. Our trucks roll up fully equipped and prepared to accommodate our customer’s every air conditioning need. Don’t fight the heat, beat it by calling Plumbers 911 now!

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