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Installation of Ductless Systems? Ask a Professional NJ Plumber About It

Gain Independence and Control In Your Own Home with Ductless Systems

Ductless Systems Services | NJ PlumberPlumbers 911 will show you how a ductless system allow you to have the freedom to install each room unit any place you decide. Each room will give you the control you want by remote to set an individual temperature that is comfortable for that room or area. You will get comfort without compromising your house with ductwork. The perfect system for your home to heat and cool efficiently and with little reconstruction. Unlike the duct systems requiring air vents, the ductless system utilizes an outside main unit that is linked by refrigerant lines to each individual smaller indoor units. Cool and heat your house with confidence knowing that we are just a phone call away for any questions on your new ductless system.

Ductless Heating and Air System Advantages

There are many advantages when going to a ductless system besides the fact of not utilizing duct throughout your home. The ductless systems are available in floor, wall, or ceiling mounts for indoor units. Each unit combines cooling and heating your home very efficiently.
Some of the stand-out advantages of the ductless system are:
  • Saves You Money – The ductless system will cut your energy cost with a proper installation by our certified techs with Plumbers 911. You will notice a lower bill after we have installed your system. The cost of a complete system is much lower than a standard duct heating and air system.
  • Individual Room Control – Each of your rooms will be installed with an individual unit to control the air temperature in that area only. This will not only allow for you to conserve energy when a room is not in use but not have unnecessary use on your system. This also lets you personalize temperatures if you prefer one area cooler than another. You can even just turn any area unit completely off without effecting the other units in your home.
  • Quiet Units – Unlike most duct systems, you will know when the unit kicks on and you will hear air blowing from the vents. With the ductless system the units in each room are very quiet, sometimes you may even question if they are on or not, the unit is so silent. Including the main unit outside that is much quieter than most duct systems as well.
  • Longer Life Expectancy – Compared to the traditional heating and air system the ductless systems with proper maintenance will keep cooling and heating your home longer.
  • More Efficient – The ductless system will run more efficiently mainly due to the fact that there is no loss of cold or hot air by running throughout the duct work that runs through your entire house.
  • Wireless Remote Control – Each individual inside unit has a programmable remote control. You can set the desired temperature or even go as far as to set a timer for various temperature modes.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Uses a refrigerant that is environmentally friendly.
  • Minimal Maintenance – With the easy to access filters to clean or change, the ductless system makes it much easier than cleaning out ductwork.
  • Instant Heat or Cooling Effect – The hot-start technology allows warm air and cool air right from the start.
  • Many Makes and Models to Choose From – The technology has improved over the years and there are various makes and models available on the market today.
  • Individual Repairing – Being individual units when one needs repair or replacing the other units will continue to work fine. The only time the complete system will be down is when the main outside unit is malfunctioning and in need of repair or replacement.
Ductless Systems Services | NJ Plumbing Services

What Plumbers 911 Can Do For You

When you are looking for the expert in ductless system installation, repairs or maintenance, then look no further than Plumbers 911. We have been servicing our customs ductless systems for years now. This experience allows us to analyze your system in an efficient manner. Troubleshooting – Our professional techs are able to troubleshoot any type of ductless system you may have in your home. This system is simple and we have encountered all the various troubleshooting errors that could happen with yours system to keep it from performing at its best. Repairs – This ductless type of system keeps minor repairs very affordable. With the ease of being individual units repairing or replacing one unit does not affect the others. So your Plumbers 911 technician can be working on one of the units and not interfere with the heating and cooling of your home. Installation – The first step is choosing the correct system for your home. You want to be sure this is discussed with our certified techs to be sure your system with keep your home cool or warm up to the required temperatures. The next process will be the placement of the main unit and each of the individual indoor units. This can basically be open to discussion, but there are some criteria for placement that may need to be in place. The closer the individual units are to the main unit will, of course, save you on installation. After instating there will be a testing and training phase. Plumbers 911 wants to be sure our customers are confident on how their system work and especially how to control the many functions on the remote. Maintenance – Just like any other heating and cooling system you want to be sure to have a yearly maintenance checkup done to keep the system running at its best potential. These checkups also will help with the longevity of your system. With Plumbers 911 you will be getting certification and perfection on each and every call. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technology and equipment. When our specialized tech arrives on time, they will have any and all supplies needed to get your system back to running condition again. If you want reliability and quality in your ductless system, calling your local certified tech with Plumbers 911 is the first step.

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