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reliable fire sprinkler system | NJ PlumberAlthough we hate to think about it, every homeowner has imagined the worst case scenario: a home fire, caused by circumstances beyond your control that makes for tough decisions. How do you get everyone out of the home safely? Who grabs the pets? What precious mementos are the first to be saved? Instead of worrying needlessly about the worst-case scenarios, you can take action now to make sure your home is as prepared as possible in the case of a fire. Particularly if you own an old home, there are many precautions you can take to protect these homes in the event of a fire. An important option to consider is installing a home fire sprinkler system. According to FEMA, having a sprinkler system in your home can drastically reduce damage to your property, and more importantly, increase the likelihood of surviving a home fire. Some parts of the United States require homes to have sprinkler systems installed as they’re instrumental to fire safety. If you’re considering this option or are looking for fire protection solutions, read on to learn more about what installing a home sprinkler system entails. Then, contact Plumbers 911 New Jersey to schedule an appointment for an estimate and to discuss these valuable systems further with a skilled technician.

What is a Home Sprinkler System?

A sprinkler system installed in a residential home is much like what you might imagine – similar to those in a commercial building, just on a smaller scale. These systems can easily be designed to fit the needs of your individual home. Unlike industrial fire systems, the sprinkler heads in a home system can be extremely unobtrusive or even decorative. Sprinkler systems like these aren’t sensitive to smoke, and instead are sensitive to heat, which means that unlike smoke detectors, they won’t go off while you’re cooking.
reliable fire sprinkler system | NJ PlumbersThey are also able to locate the fire precisely within your home. Each head can be individually activated, meaning that small fires can be extinguished quickly and your house won’t be needlessly flooded. (Unlike in the movies, the entire system WON’T go off all at once!) Having such a system in your home will likely decrease your homeowner’s insurance premiums. You can consider installing a home sprinkler system an investment in money as well as safety when you factor in insurance savings over time. Should you ever have a fire in your home, a sprinkler system will also save you money by limiting your loss of property—not to mention preventing the loss of life, which you can’t put a price tag on!

Components of a Residential Fire Sprinkler System

There are two main kinds of in-home sprinkler systems: stand-alone sprinkler systems and multi-use systems. Both kinds of systems are comprised of three main, interconnected elements that work together to protect your home. Generally, the components are: 1. Individual sprinkler heads placed throughout your home. As previously mentioned, these can be quite attractive and won’t detract from the beauty of your home. The sprinkler heads are what work to detect heat, and thus fire, inside your home. Most of the time, only one sprinkler is required per room to provide adequate coverage. 2. The sprinkler heads are either connected to existed plumbing inside your home (in the case of multi-use systems), or dedicating piping that may be connected to a reservoir of water (in the case of stand-alone systems.) A benefit of multi-use systems is that the water leading to the plumbing is constantly moving, and less likely to become blocked or clogged over time. Your plumber can help you decide which kind of system is best for your home. 3. The whole network of sprinklers and pipes is controlled by a central command system. In the case of fire, the system will switch off an alarm alerting the danger. Some systems will also automatically alert your local fire department should the system become activated.

Maintaining Your System

Once you have your home sprinkler system installed, you will want to maintain it carefully to ensure that it will keep protecting your family for many years. Check the sprinklers inside your home to make sure that they remain unobstructed and check that the drain valve is functioning properly. Periodically, you should also have a licensed professional come into your home to do a thorough inspection of the system. (Naturally, this is a service Plumbers 911 New Jersey can provide!)

Why Hire a Professional?

Although there are some websites that would encourage you to take a DIY route in installing a home sprinkler system, doing so is, in reality, a highly skilled project that is best left to the professionals. Installing a system like this involves expert understanding of your home’s existing plumbing system and water pressure, and installing pipes threaded through the walls. You’ll be glad you saved yourself time and headache by hiring a professional– and you’ll likely be saving money, too, by doing it right the first time. Installing a home system like this can be surprisingly affordable, with rising demand for these systems throughout the United States making the cost come down for the consumer. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an estimate and to learn more about what installing a sprinkler system in your own home would entail.

Why Hire Plumbers 911 New Jersey?

We are a unique plumbing service, in that it connects you to a network of the top-rated experts in the industry. You know that when you one of our technicians, you can rest assured that work on your home will be done to the highest standard by a fully licensed and vetted expert. If you’re interested in learning more about installing a residential sprinkler system in your own home, contacting Plumbers 911 should be the first step for homeowners in New Jersey.

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