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Why Leak Detection Should Be Done by a Professional NJ Technician

Call Plumbers 911 New Jersey to Have Your Home Inspected Regularly to Detect Any Leaks.

best leak detection | NJ Plumbing ServicesLeaks, even a small one can become costly adding many gallons of water to your bill. A leaking faucet can lose a homeowner or business owner up to 15 gallons a day.

These can be easy or difficult to find which is why a professional like Plumbers 911 New Jersey should be called to find the root of the problem. If you believe your bill is unusually high it is time to call the professionals.

What are the many causes or destinations of leaks?

These annoying leakages can pop up anywhere in your home or building, you may notice them immediately or only notice them if something goes wrong. If you believe you have a leak, checking these spots is the first thing to do.
  • Sprinkler Systems- if you have a system then there could be a leak there, more than likely unseen and a professional should be called.
  • Washers- either clothes or dish, if you see stains under, or behind then there is possibly a leak there and needs tightening or a line replaced.
  • Faucets– Indoor or outdoor faucets that leak may need washers, or gaskets repaired or another issue may be wrong.
  • Toilets- this is one of the most common leaking issues they can lose up to 100 gallons a week. Put dye in the tank if it shows up in the bowl without flushing then you have a leak, calling the professionals is the best idea.
  • Water Supply lines could be leaking and this will need a test only the professionals can do.
  • Pools and fountains- in homes or offices that have in-ground pools and or fountains then they can sometimes cause of leaks. Repairs must be done by a professional to ensure they are done correctly.
  • Humidifier and evaporative coolers- there are homes that use humidifiers, and evaporative coolers these can often leak and may not be noticed. Having a professional plumber check them regularly is important.
  • Water meters- combinations of many different leaks can be checked from your water meter.
If you believe you have a leak and don’t see any of the easily located ones then, calling one of our expert technicians will ensure that the leak is found and repaired quickly and efficiently.

How do New Jersey plumbing professionals find these leaks or can I detect them myself?

Some leaks can be detected by home or business owners, others need a professionals help to find. Leaks cause many thousands of gallons of water per year to be lost in homes, some are really obvious and some are not. How to detect them is different for each case.
  • Supply lines: supply lines that connect the meter to the home are usually buried and this means that a professional would need to check for the leak, sometimes you can tell as there may be water in the box that may not be due to recent rain or irrigation. Make sure you know who is responsible for what area before having the leak repaired as the water company will pay for their part of the leak to be repaired; if it is in their area of responsibility. Always contact the water company before having repairs done to a supply line.
  • Toilets: leaks in toilets are the most common ones, and can go unnoticed for a long period of time. Detecting leaks in them can be easy, noises and constantly running toilets are one way to tell, another way to tell is to put dye in the tank and if it flows to the bowl without flushing then there is a leak somewhere.
  • Fixture leaks: shower, tube, faucets, and even ice maker lines can leak causing lots of water loss. These leaks can often be detected by dripping noises or visual inspection and seeing the water leaking.
  • Pools and fountains: Place a bucket on the top step marked with tape or marker in the exact same location both inside and out. The marks should be made to where the pool is filled on the outside, and then fill the water to that exact spot inside the bucket. Leave the bucket there for 24 hours if the water in the pool is lower than in the bucket then there is a leak. This leak can be in the fountain or pool itself or in its plumbing system.
  • Humidifier and Evaporator cooler leaks– having these systems maintained regularly will help to prevent leaks, however if a leak does happen it is usually the refill valve that is the culprit. Professionals will be able to tell you the exact issue. It is the same with evaporator coolers a professional can tell you if the leak originates from the refill valve or any other place in the cooler.
As with all items, mechanisms, or pipes in any structure it is crucial to have them maintained regularly to ensure that they are in proper working order and free from need of repair. Our expert technicians are highly-trained and licensed in service, repair and maintenance of all plumbing needs.

best leak detection | NJ PlumbersContact Licensed Plumbers in New Jersey for a Quick Leak Detection Process

Why call us? We ensure that all leaks will be found as we use state of the art detection equipment. Each and every one of our technicians is trained and licensed to use them as well. Requiring each of our contractors to stay up to date on all the latest technological advancements in leak detection is something we do, for your benefit. This will help us to accurately locate any leak on your property or in your home or office. We have equipment that can detect without having to destroy walls, yards, or driveways as well, which helps to save you money.  We will even inspect pipes via camera to ensure that they are not damaged, filled with roots or blocked which can cause leaks as well. We want to ensure that your home and family feel safe with our technicians, which is why we have a background and drug screenings conducted on each of them. At Plumbers 911 New Jersey not only do we guarantee our services, but we are able to reach you quickly as we have expert plumbers all over the state. Regardless of when you need repairs we are open 24/7 and 365 days a year so we can get to you and have your repairs done quickly.  

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