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Yes, sewer inspections are very important as if they are damaged in anyway sewage could back up into the home, or business making for a costly, nasty mess and no one wants that. This is why regular inspection of the sewer line should be done including before you buy a home or building. Credible Sewer Inspection | NJ Plumbing ServicesThe owner of the property is responsible for the sewer lateral, meaning they line from the city main to the home or business. Not many owners know this and only find it out when a problem happens. Having it inspected before buying the home or building is important to keep from incurring the costs of repairs yourself. Always have the sewer line inspected it makes for a good buying decision, and possibly a better compromise on price as well. When buying a home a home inspector will only inspect the visible plumbing, a professional sewer inspection service should be hired to inspect the sewer line.

When buying a home what questions should I ask about the septic system and lines?

Before you buy a home an inspection must be done, however, this does not include sewer lines usually, it may include the septic system if it is not on a municipal line. When buying a home there are a few questions that should be asked, even though the homeowners must give you information, as to if there is a septic system or municipal lines, they are not required to disclose any information other than that.
Some questions that should be asked are:
  • When was its last inspection and is it to code? Sewer lines and systems should be inspected regularly. This differs between system and type as well. A system being up to code is very important, old systems may now need to be upgraded because of new requirements. If an upgrade is needed negotiating it into the price of the home is a good idea.
  • What is the capacity for water usage in the system? All systems have a certain capacity when dealing with how much water they can hold. If usage is greater than that capacity either upgrade the system or start using less water.
  • What is the age of the system? Needing to know how old the system is makes all the difference, as with proper maintenance one could last 20 – 25 years. If it is an old system negotiate the price in the sale of the house for it to be upgraded.
  • Has the system been regularly maintained and serviced? Knowing the service and maintenance of the system can prevent problems as well as knowing if it has been repaired as well. It doesn’t hurt either to find out the name of the septic service that has been used to maintain and service the system.
These are just basic questions you can ask as many or as little as you wish but to find out all you can about the system is to your best interest.

What does a sewer inspection entail?

There are many things that can be done or are done during an inspection. It all depends on the inspection service, and what you ask to have done. Most commonly are a dye test and an open pit test as well as camera inspections of lines. credible sewer inspection | NJ PlumbersA dye test involves a fluorescent dye being added into the septic system to see if the dye appears in the ground, above the drain field. If so the system is failing. Another test that should be asked for if not already included in the inspection is an “Open Pit Test”. This test is a bit more involved as it requires pumping out the tank, and removing the dirt covering the tank and distribution line. Mirrors and cameras are then lowered into the tank to check for problems and its condition.

How much can inspections cost and are upgrades or replacements ever needed?

Inspections can cost anywhere from $400-$15,000 but well worth the price, compared to having to have the whole system replaced after buying the house. Video cameras are also used in inspections of the sewer line as they can report back exactly where the problem in the pipe or system is. It removes the guesswork, of where the problem actually lies. It should also be checked to see if it is to code or not, as well as finding out the capacity of the system for water usage. If not up to code then negotiating the price of upgrade and getting it to code in the price of the home. Older homes should definitely have their septic systems inspected when being looked at for a new home. If the house is over 20 years old they could have problems with roots or other issues. Some older homes have pipes called Orangeburg pipes, these are pipes made out of tar paper and will disintegrate over time. If this is the case the pipes need to be replaced.

Why call a professional plumber to do your inspection?

A professional plumber/sewer inspection service is very important as they have the tools to ensure that everything is done correctly. It is very crucial that a homeowner not try to inspect a sewer system themselves as it can be dangerous. Only certified and highly-trained contractors like our technicians at Plumber’s 911 New Jersey should be used. When a professional takes care of the inspection you know it will be done correctly. When you need an inspection done calling our technicians is a great move, as they are highly skilled and trained to ensure the best service for your money. We have competitive pricing that is fair and reasonable, by reducing our overhead and increasing our efficiency we are able to give our customers the best pricing. Low prices with high priced quality service it what you get from our technicians. As a family, we would want to ensure that any repairman or contractor that came into our home was safe and that we felt comfortable with them. Which is why we ensure that each one of our technicians goes through a background and drug check to ensure your safety. We want to ensure the best possible service for our customers which is why we only use state-of-the-art equipment as well as requiring our technicians to stay up to date on their training for the newest technology in repairs, maintenance, and inspections.

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