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The Operations Of A Fire Sprinkler System Installed By Washington DC Plumbers

When it Comes to Fire Safety, Rely on Plumbers 911 Experts

Fire Sprinkler System | Washington DC Plumbing ServiceWashington, DC is a large area filled with several businesses and residents. Each building that you see has some type of plumbing system that helps move hot and cold water throughout the building. Systems that are frequently seen in large population areas such as DC are fire sprinkler systems. Plumbers 911 specializes in installing, maintaining, and repairing fire sprinkler systems for both residential and business structures. We have been in operation for years and have gained a special knowledge about how the plumbing business works. We believe in being respectful and honest with our services, our representation, and our communications. For the best local Washington DC techs, we are the company for you.

How Does Fire Sprinklers Work?

Fire sprinkler systems are very vital to saving lives. The chances of survival when a fire breaks out is higher with a sprinkler system installed in the home or office. In fact, in demonstrations, two rooms are set ablaze. One room with a sprinkler system and another without. They are both set on fire and the end results show that sprinkler systems not only allow more time for the occupants to exit, but it also keeps the fire from spreading to other areas or becoming larger.
Many fire sprinkler systems have several outlets that spray water out onto the area affected by the fire. However, many people believe that when you have a fire, the entire sprinkler system is then activated, hosing down everything in the home or office. This is not true. The sprinkler that is the closest to the point of the fire, or where there is a large amount of smoke, will trigger, along with any others that the fire or smoke get close to, preventing water damage from occurring throughout the room, home, or office.

Things To Remember About Fire Sprinkler Systems

Many fire sprinkler systems have the same set up. There are pipes running from a water source through the home or business and attached to several sprinklers that are visible on the ceiling or at the top of a wall. Here are a few more facts about fire sprinkler systems that you might not know. The sprinklers have glass triggers in them that have a liquid inside of them that expands and breaks the glass when the temperature gets to a certain point. Fire Sprinkler System | Washington DC PlumbersThe glass trigger breaks, normally, when the temperature rises above 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Many systems are hidden, however, some warehouses and large commercial buildings may have the pipes visibly hung from the ceiling. Either way, safety is important. Sprinkler systems are not to be used as the only means to fight fires. That is not their purpose. These systems are for containment and safety of residents. The fire department can completely put out the contained fire. Installing a fire sprinkler system can be costly depending on the size of the home or business, but to save lives it’s worth it. The newer concept of residential sprinkler systems has brought down the price of the overall system because they are smaller. Weighing the pros and cons, fire sprinkler systems have very little cons and a magnitude of pros, including how effective they are and how quickly they can alert and remove the danger of death. Fire sprinkler systems are part of the fire prevention system that you have in place in your home or business. If you are living at home with children, it’s best to educate them on how the fire system works so that they know exactly what to look for in the event a fire happens. It is also ideal that you plan a route of escape for your children, one that they will remember when the time comes.

The Different Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems By Your Local Washington, DC Plumbers

Overall, there are two specific types of fire sprinkler systems. One deals with a wet pipe system while the other is a dry pipe system. Each of these systems has their own unique benefits for the homeowner or business owner. Wet Pipe System: In this system, the pipes are always filled with water and held within the pipes by pressure. When the trigger in the sprinkler head is activated, the pressure is released through the sprinklers and water comes rushing out. This system is the fastest acting system on the market. Dry Pipe Systems: Are systems that do not have water within their pipes all the time, only when necessary to deliver the water to the point of the fire or the surrounding area. Pre-action: Systems that are considered pre-action are those that have two different triggers. Each trigger has a job. The first trigger is set off by smoke or heat and it sends a “message” to the other trigger to release and allow water to flow. Deluge: Deluge systems are designed to release water spontaneously throughout the sprinkler heads. Because of this, they are most often seen in large warehouses and chemical plants. When installing a fire sprinkler system into your residence or business, it’s great to remember that they can be less visible than the big bulky ones seen in several older model buildings. Therefore, they can still be stylish with any type of décor, or barely noticeable, the choices are endless.

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Fire sprinkler systems are a huge part of why large cities do not have many wide-spread fires. The sprinkler systems help to prevent the spreading of fires and ultimately saves thousands of lives each and every year. Apartment buildings that have several tenants have to have some type of fire escape and other fire prevention methods in place. If you don’t already have a fire sprinkler system, it’s easy to call and request a free quote. We would be happy to instruct you on the available systems and how the installation process works. We are here to help you make the best choice for your family. Contact us right away for more information about fire sprinkler systems and what it would take to have one installed in your home today.

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