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Plumbers 911 Installs, Maintains and Repairs Your Commercial Water Heater

Commercial Water Heaters | Washington DC PlumbersNot everyone has a clean record with exceptional testimonials from the clients, unless you’re Plumbers 911. Testing, consultation, and commercial water heater repair is all covered when you contact us. We can provide quick, reliable, and friendly service at your location within a short period of time after your initial phone call. We also offer scheduling perks that will cover your schedule, even if it’s late in the evening or early, early morning. The plumbers, or technicians, that we hire are trained and certified to do the exact job that we send them out to do, meaning you never have to wonder if we’ve sent the right person for the job. We not only do house visits, we also assist in helping businesses get their water heaters installed and working properly. We are your one-stop service for all plumbing and water heater repair needs.

Commercial Water Heaters Are Not Only Used In Big Business Buildings

A hot water heater is essential for any home or business. They can be rather bulky or small and discreet depending on what type of water heater it is. A water heater is normally the last thing on your mind, unless you are forced to have a cold spell from a toilet flush while in the shower or you’re not receiving enough hot water to take a full shower. Of course, these issues might not be of any importance to companies with water heaters, it can make you stop and think of your own at home. Commercial water heaters are used in several places, including some residential areas such as apartments. Other places where you can find commercial water heaters include hotels, grocery stores, salons, care facilities, and laundry facilities. When there are, more than one or two floors to heat water for, commercial water heaters are needed. This also causes the issue of being used multiple times each day from one of the apartments or floors. This makes the water heater work harder, giving more chances for it to break or malfunction.

When To Call A Technician For Commercial Water Heater Repair

A normal commercial water heater has an average span of four to eight years of life depending on the environment and water quality. Longevity can be improved with regular maintenance on the system. However, many businesses and homes only worry about the water heater when it’s not working properly and the issue has potentially worsened.
Businesses and residents alike have busy schedules that consist of everything, but do-it-yourself knowledge on hot water heaters. Although there may be a hired maintenance person, contacting a knowledgeable, reputable, water heater repair company is always ideal. The work being done is guaranteed to be right, the first time, without having to recheck with a manual or a do-it-yourself website. When it comes to the companies’ hot water support system, it is important that a professional be consulted.

Water Heater Killers And How To Avoid Them In Washington DC

Commercial Water Heaters | Washington DC PlumbersSeveral things are to blame for the malfunction or breaking of a hot water heater. These things can be as simple as a buildup over time or as difficult as a pilot messing up and needing to be replaced. Other things that can dramatically affect the lifespan of your commercial water heater include: Neglecting it: Water heaters are not the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning, but it is something that is used in the morning for your shower or bath. By neglecting your water heater, you are allowing corrosion to occur and possibly other issues. Rust: Like many other items in today’s world, rust can ruin just about anything, including hot water heaters. Over time, the water heater will rust on the inside if the anode has been used up that helps to prevent the rust from occurring. This can happen in as little as a year. To prevent this from happening, scheduling regular maintenance checkups from a trusted professional is ideal. Build-up of Sediment: Sedimentation occurs when water that is considered to be hard water becomes heated. When the buildup occurs, it can potentially damage the water heater beyond repair by lining the bottom of the heater and causing the rust-prevention method to be of no use. It can also burn out elements in electric water heaters if the buildup is not taken care of. New Heater Checks: Although some people believe that purchasing a brand new water heater should be easy, without having to worry about checking on it for at least a year or so. This is very far from the truth. Even with new water heaters, after they age about six months with continuous use, can face the risk of breaking down. The washers that are used to connect fittings and other aspects of the water heaters are rubber and can shrink over time, this means that there is potential for leaks to occur and ultimately damage to the tank itself.

Call Plumbers 911 Today For All Of Your Emergency Commercial Water Heater Repair Needs

Whether your issue is with your residential water heater or a commercial water heater, we are the right people for the job. Even in the event of an emergency, we are standing by ready and able to get your water heater repaired and your hot water flowing again properly. For decades, we have been providing the local area of Washington, DC with plumbing fixes and installations. When it comes to the best licensed plumbers in Washington DC areas, call us! We specialize in emergency repairs because we understand that having hot water is a necessity. Our regular business hours and our emergency services run hand in hand to allow our clients the best available service when they need it the most. If you or someone you know is experiencing issues with their hot water heater and need a regular checkup, maintenance, or a repair, give the #1 Washington, DC and surrounding areas go-to company for all hot water heater repairs, a call today.

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